you season 5 everything we know so far netflix renewal status

Joe’s London vacation has come to a bloody end, and after leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake, Netflix’s favorite serial killer is back in America. However, Netflix has yet to renew. You for a fifth season, but we hope to learn more in the coming weeks. For now, we’ll keep track of everything you need to know about You Season 5 on Netflix.

You is a Netflix Original romantic crime drama series created by Greg Berlanti and based on the novels You and hidden bodies by author Caroline Kepnes.

Before its arrival on Netflix, the series was on Lifetime. Once the series was picked up as an original by Netflix, however, the streaming service’s global reach helped propel You’s popularity into the stratosphere, and it’s been one of Netflix’s most popular crime dramas ever since.

You Season 5 Netflix Renewal Status

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Pending (Last Update: 03/09/2023)

As of this writing, Netflix has yet to announce a renewal for the fifth season of You.

Considering that the second half of the fourth season has just become available to stream, we could be waiting several weeks before any news on the renewal.

However, we do have the first few weeks of data from the first half of the season to determine how well the program is performing and speculate on renewal chances.

week period Hours seen (M) Range Week in the Top 10
February 5, 2023 to February 12, 2023 92,070,000 1 1
February 12, 2023 to February 19, 2023 64,060,000 (-30%) 1 2
February 19, 2023 to February 26, 2023 27,750,000 (-57%) 5 3

The first half of the fourth season has only been able to accumulate 183,880,000 million hours watched since its release and fell out of the global top ten in the fourth week.

It should be noted that many fans online made it clear that they would not watch the fourth season until all ten episodes were available. Not to mention, some fans have taken the opportunity to use the countdown to the release of part 2 to rewatch the series again.

In total, the four seasons have amassed over a billion hours of viewing on Netflix. However, when you consider that Netflix has only been releasing weekly data since Q3 2021, if you add the viewing data for Season 2, this brings the viewing stats to over 1.5 billion hours of viewing. The total viewing hours is even higher when you consider that viewing data for the first season was never released, except for the fact that the series had 40 million viewers.

Once we get the next few weeks of data viewing, we can speculate further on any possible renewal for season five. We still hope that the series will be renewed as we are of the opinion that the fifth season could be the last.

What can we expect to see from You season 5?

joe the billionaire

For the second time in his life, the power and money of Joe’s partner’s family saved him from facing the consequences of his crimes. Thanks to Kate inheriting her father’s fortune and company, Joe now has access to almost unlimited resources.

This means that if Joe were to murder again, it would take very little to sweep everything under the rug.

Joe has embraced his dark self

Always imagining himself the hero of his own story, Joe has tirelessly tried to fight the darker side of his personality. The attempt to disengage from his actions was so strong that it resulted in a mental breakdown that saw Joe hallucinate a manifestation of the dark side of himself.

katie joe you season 5 everything we know so far netflix renewal status

A Match Made in the Murder of Kate and Joe – Netflix

The symbolism of Joe’s reflection in the skyscraper window and seeing Rhys’s reflection in return is our confirmation that Joe has now accepted his darker self.

Will Joe now kill for fun?

Of course, other than someone threatening him or Kate, Joe has no further justification for murdering anyone. This is Joe we’re talking about though, which means some poor unfortunate (or deserving) soul will eventually cross his path and end up dead.

Deep down Joe likes to kill, only now with Kate’s power and influence does he get the chance to kill with impunity. Knowing that he is protected, Joe can become reckless in looking for any motive to pursue the thrill of killing, especially if he can justify it through some virtuous reasoning of his own, such as protecting himself and Kate.

joe penn badgley you season 5 everything we know so far netflix renewal status

Deep down, does Joe really enjoy killing? – Netflix

Will Joe’s past come back to haunt him?

Despite his power and influence, there are three big loose ends that have not been fully resolved. Marienne, Nadia and Ellie Alves.

After refusing to cooperate with Joe, Nadia is currently in prison after being framed for her boyfriend’s murder. In time, there may be a way to free her of it.

We’re not even sure if Joe knows that Marienne is alive. For her sake, it’s better if she keeps it up. Her daughter, Juliette, is the main reason Marienne will never reveal her existence to Joe; However, if she Marienne decides to try to bring him to justice, she will need help.

marienne you season 5 everything we know so far netflix renewal status

Marienne narrowly escaped Joe with her life – Netflix

Finally, there is Ellie, Delilah’s sister, who was killed by Love Quinn. While Joe was still in the US, he regularly sent Ellie money while she was in college in New York City. After Joe faked her death and moved to England, it’s unclear if those payments continued. Joe’s return to the United States is a story of great fascination, one that has become very public as Kate has used her power and influence to control the narrative and make Joe the victim of his ex-wife Love. Quinn. If Ellie can connect the dots and realize Joe’s role in Delilah’s death, then she can seek revenge on her sister’s behalf.

jenna ortega you season 5 everything we know so far netflix renewal status

Jenna Ortega could return as Ellie – Netflix

It should be noted that Jenna Ortega was intended to appear in the fourth season of You, but his busy schedule prevented him from resuming his role. However, if there is time in your schedule to return, we may see you at You one more time.

Will Joe get his own stalker?

Over the past four seasons, Joe has stalked many people, including himself, but the object of the obsession has been limited to a small group of people, Beck Love, Marienne, and the imaginary Rhys.

With Joe now being the subject of great fascination in the media, maybe it’s time for Joe to get bullied.

Who are the cast members of You season 5?

Naturally, Penn Badgley will return as Joe Goldberg.

We would also expect Charlie Ritchie to reprise her role as Kate Lockwood in season five.

Once we have more information, we’ll be sure to update you with the latest news.

When could I expect to see You season 5 on netflix?

The premiere schedules of the previous 4 seasons of You have been the following;

  • Season 1 – 12/26/2018
  • Season 2 – 12/26/2019
  • Season 3 – 10/15/2021
  • Season 4A – 09/02/2023
  • Season 4B – 03/09/2023

Between the final episode airing on Showtime and the release of Season 2 on Netflix, just over thirteen months elapsed. Thanks to the pandemic, there was a significant gap of twenty-two months for the release of the third season. There was a sixteen month gap between the third and the first half of the fourth season. Lastly, there was a month separating the first and second half of the fourth season.

Based on previous releases, it could be anywhere from thirteen to sixteen months before we see the final season of You on Netflix. This means that we could see You season 5 on Netflix between April 2024 and July 2024.

What do you think will happen in the fifth season? You? Let us know in the comments below!