During the first days and months of 2023, Colombians lasted in their pockets the main increases in rates such as taxes, transportation, rent, food, among other basic expenses, which are driven, for example, by inflation or by the increase in the minimum wage. , which increased by 13.12% and 16% respectively.

(Knowing the inflation data, this will raise rents in 2023).

In the presence of “the slope of January”economic phenomenon that happens annually due to the growth in the cost of living, making the most of available resources becomes important.

For this reason, the BBVA Financial Education experts provided some advice for carrying out smart savings that allow citizens to realize pleasure and start 2023 with good financial health.

● Recorder of lost expenses. The first step to start saving is to determine how much is invested in the acquisition of products, therefore it is advisable to keep track of all expenses.

● Prevent emotional triggers for spending. Detecting the psychological causes that drive consumption allows you to avoid temptations, buy at times when you are stressed and avoid environments that encourage you to buy.

(Inflation of 13.12% puts pressure on the Bank of the Republic).

● Control the costs of ants. Moderating smaller purchases can be a great relief because these represent one of the biggest expenses that end up happening financial capacity at the end of the month. Therefore, it is key to be able to carry out a diagnosis in order to keep in mind the destination of the money to carry out better budget planning.

● Identify services that are not used. Knowing if you are losing resources due to unused subscriptions and/or services can be of great help to many people who have purchased passes for gyms, streaming services, magazines, apps, bank accounts, among others, since these generate necessary monetary flow of which trace is lost.

(Inflation in Colombia closed 2022 at 13.12% in its annual variation).

Finally, BBVA analysts suggest that given the possibility that Colombians can travel during this new year to have a few days off, Consider visiting some national destinations given the economic situation that the market is facing due to the rise in the dollar.