With the beginning of a new year and taking into account that last year’s inflation data is already known, the shipping costs, renewal and recategorization of the driving license will have an adjustment of 13.12% for 2023, which corresponds to the CPI figure for 2022.

(Techno-mechanical review: how much will this obligation cost in 2023?).

These are the prices that will be in force this year, according to the Single Window for Mobility Services in Bogotá:

• Issuance of the driving license
Car: $226,400.
Motorcycle: $188,500.

• Driver’s license renewal
Car: $106,700.
Motorcycle: $182,800.

• Change of license due to change of document or data
Car: $188,500.
Motorcycle: $150,700.

• Recategorization of the driving license
Car: $182,800.
Motorcycle: $145.00.

• Duplicate driver’s license
Car: $182,800.
Motorcycle: $145,000.

(Deadlines for declaring and paying income, VAT and other national taxes).

Thus, it is important to take into account that on June 20 there will be 4,377,765 driving licenses that will expire throughout the country, according to data from the Mobility Services Single Window.

In this sense, who will have their document with an expiration date until June 23, must renew their license through the pico and ID mechanism as follows:

• January and February 2023: 3, 4 and 5.
• March and April 2023: 6 and 7.
• May 2023: 8 and 9.
• Until June 20, 2023: 0.

Remember that prices vary for each city, but in the case of the capital the changes are around 30,000 pesos, close to 13% of the increase in the CPI.