According to the information reported by the Agricultural Sector Price and Supply Information System (Sipsa), supplied by Dane, during December 2022 the prices of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, rice, meat of beef and pork, eggs and brown sugar.

The overall increase was 2.3 percent during that month, a figure that exceeds the 1.33 percent of last November, but less than the increase that occurred in December 2021 (2.7 percent).

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The Rural Agricultural Planning Unit (UPRA) explained that the variation took into account the reduction in the supply of some foods as a result of their lower harvests -this is the case of rice and potatoes- and the seasonal increase in demand due to the celebration of the holidays, where the consumption of some products such as meat, eggs and fruits such as grapes increases conjuncturally .

Specifically, the price of pork leg has risen 5.9 percent; the rib 3.3 percent; and the boneless loin, 5.3 percent. As for green grapes, it was 19.4 percent more expensive during the month, while the cost of bananas rose more than 10 percent. In prime rice it was 2.4 percent, more moderate when compared to the figures observed between February and April.

Increased the income of mangoes, sideburns, guavas, lulo, Hass avocado, common orange, passion fruit and mandarins

An opposite behavior was presented in cassava: the prices of the llanera, the criolla and the chirosa fell. Likewise, the diamond, criollo and espino yams saw a reduction in their prices.

«A fact worth noting is the improvement in the offer of fruit. The income of mangoes, sideburns, guavas, lulo, Hass avocado, common orange, passion fruit and tangerines increased,» said the director of Upra, Felipe Fonseca.

With December 2022 closed in those 12 months that there were increases in food prices. These increases were observed in a great diversity of products, but the cases of the onion, rice, bananas, eggs, fresh fruitsthe carrot, the cheeses and the oranges.

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These increases are explained by the increased cost of imported inputs, both due to a reduction in world supply and an increase in the exchange rate. He also contributed to this result the increase that occurred in the prices of fertilizers, a situation that severely impacts production costs.

In addition, throughout this year there were frequent and heavy rainssituation that influenced planting decisions and reduced the volumes and quality of crops in the country.

Foods that get expensive

  1. Vegetables: paprika, chonto and riogrande tomatoes, spinach, corn on the cob, carrot, chard, green peas in pods, onion rush and cabezona.
  2. fruit: grapes, blackberry, cantaloupe melon, national and imported red apples, Creole banana and sandwich, strawberry, papelillo avocado and imported peach.
  3. Tubers, roots and bananas: plantains -guineo, hartón, dominico and dominico hartón-, black potatoes in all their varieties and criolla potatoes in their presentations.
  4. grain: first and second class rice, calima beans, white cargamanto, imported lentils and chickpeas, corn cuchuco and imported dry peas.
  5. Meats: beef and pork in its main cuts and presentations.
  6. Eggs, dairy and processed foods: Red eggs A, B, AA and extra; square and round panelas, white and brown. Chocolate, pasta and cooking oil.

Foods that are getting cheaper

  1. Vegetables: string beans, cabbage -purple, green and white-, squash, green cargamanto beans, beets, onion, leek and squash.
  2. fruit: mangoes -reina, Tommy, common and Yulima- Tahiti lemon, passion fruit, guavas, gulupa, borojó, lulo, oneco and myrtle mandarin, common orange, tree tomato and Hass avocado.
  3. Tubers, roots and bananas: llanera, chirosa and criolla yucca; yam diamond, hawthorn and criollo, yellow arracacha.
  4. grain: radical beans, pink Uribe, nima, Calima, bolón and imported white rice.
  5. meats: cChicken meat in some cuts such as breast, leg leg with and without rump.
  6. Eggs, dairy and processed foods: egg white A and AA. Sulfited and brown sugar.