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Netflix is ​​now the streaming home of Suits in the United States, but we didn’t see the full collection of the show added together. Season 9 remains off Netflix, and below we’ll take a look at why and where you can watch it.

Note: If you live outside of the United States, this article does not apply to you. That’s because Suits season 9 is streaming on Netflix and has been for several years.

What’s on Netflix was first to report that Netflix US would be picking up multiple seasons of the hit USA Network show in May 2023. At that time, we suggest that all seasons of Suits would be heading to the service, but on June 17, we only saw seasons 1 through 8 added.

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Since joining Netflix US, Suits it has consistently appeared in the top 10 on Netflix TV ever since. As of July 16, it was ranked #5 in the top 10 on American television.

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Why wasn’t it season 9 of Suits added to Netflix?

It all comes down to entitlement issues with an existing agreement. Until Netflix was streaming the show, you could only watch Suits on Prime Video and Peacock.

The existing deal barring season 9 from coming to Netflix is ​​with Prime Video, which was the streaming home for the entire catalog until Netflix picked up seasons 1-8. Prime Video saw remarkably seasons 1-8 leave the service in July 2023, with only season 9 available there. So Netflix almost certainly can’t stream season 9 of Suits while still on Prime Video.

first video first season 9 added in July 2020, and the ninth season will almost certainly expire in the next few years.

Where to watch season 9 of Suits instead of netflix?

As you probably realized by now, you have three options to look at suits ninth and final season for the foreseeable future.

If you have a streaming subscription to Prime Video or Peacock, season nine streams there; otherwise, you will need to purchase the season directly.

How long Suits be on Netflix US?

With Netflix only licensing the show, how long can we expect the show to be around?

What’s on Netflix can exclusively reveal that Netflix has acquired the show for a two-year period, which means it will stay on Netflix until at least July 2025. Once that period is up, Universal Television and Netflix must come to a new deal. . This removal data also applies to international Netflix regions like the UK.

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