He simple tax regime It is the system that unifies the payment of various taxes in order to make compliance with tax obligations easier. Know the details.

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The idea of ​​this regime, according to the specialized website Management, is facilitate the taxation process for some taxpayerssuch as natural and legal persons whose Tax Value Unit (Uvt) is not greater than 80,000 per year.

This system is voluntary admissionso those who wish can take advantage of it, as long as the requirements are met.

The people who can belong to this regime include natural persons who will have a company with other natural persons as partners and who had gross income of less than 100,000 Uvt in the previous taxable year.

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The recognition of those who present professional consulting and scientific services in which the intellectual factor predominates over the material is also allowed.

«The taxable period of the SIMPLE regime is annual, that is, it is declared annually, but an advance must be paid every two months. This is provided in paragraph 2 of article 903 of the tax statute modified by law 2010 of 2019», reports Gerencie.

In this sense, the taxes that are covered by this regime for its simplification at the time of payment, according to article 907 of the tax statute, are the income tax, the national consumption tax and the consolidated industry and commerce tax.

Before, the Value Added Tax, better known as VATbut this was eliminated from the simple tax regime by Law 2010 of 2019.

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