Since last January 1, 2023 The new law of ‘startups’ in Spain entered into forcewhich regulates the possibility that people from any part of the world can work remotely for any company in another country while residing there.

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This is known as the ‘digital nomad visa’ which allows for renewal of up to a maximum term of five years and also works in countries other than Spain.

The visa allows you work for a minimum period of one year. However, this document does not enable you to work within the country. In the case of Spain, any interested person who meets the requirements may apply for a digital nomad visa to reside in that country for a period of one year with the possibility of renewal for up to five years in total.

«The international teleworking visa allows you to enter and reside in Spain for a maximum of one year«, explains the Spanish law.

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They also state that after completing the first 12 months, you can «request an authorization for a maximum period of three years, renewable for a period of two years, being able to obtain permanent residence after five years.»

Requirements to apply for the visa

The first thing is that the person be a graduated professional with a university degree or with a minimum experience of three years. The second thing is that the company where you work must be outside Spanish territory.

Along with that, you should check that work remotely professionally, that the company where you work has been operating continuously for more than a year and that you have been with it for at least three months.

Likewise, you will have to accredit that the work being carried out can be carried out remotely, and the company must present documentation stating that it allows the worker to carry out their work remotely.

Regarding income, if the person travels alone, they must have a minimum income of 2,160 euros. That is to say, the two intra-company minimum wages in Spain. With this type of visa, applicants can bring their spouses and children. In these cases the minimum income requested is higher.

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Likewise, the worker who wants to apply for the visa cannot have a criminal record in Spain or in other countries where they have resided in the last two years. For this reason, an affidavit will be requested stating the non-existence of any crime in a period of five years.

Finally, You will have to pay for medical insurance without deficiencies or co-payments.

How to apply for the digital nomad visa?

Consulates in Spain They have until March 30 to apply for this type of visa.. Once this process is completed, you must submit your application at diplomatic missions or consulate offices; It is not necessary that they are in Spain.

Along with that, p.You will be able to request a permanent residence in Spain in case the worker is living regularly or is studying in the country. In this country, Colombians can apply for nationality after 2 years of living legally in that territory.

Other countries with visa to telework

This is the complete list of countries that allow a nomad visa digital:

– Germany
– Eel
– Old and bearded
– Barbados
– Bermuda
– Brazil
– Cape Verde
– Costa Rica
– Croatia
– Curaçao
– Cyprus
– Dominica
– equator
– Spain
– Arab Emirates
– Estonian
– georgia
– Greece
– Hungary
– Cayman Islands
– Seychelles island
– Latvia
– Malaysia
– Malt
– Mexico
– Monster Rat
– Norway
– Panama
– Czech Republic
– Romania
– St. Lucia
– Sri Lankan
– Thailand