academics of the Harvard University found in an investigation a series of habits that if they are not included in a person’s daily routine, This can more quickly and efficiently achieve the goals you have established.

The results of the study were published in the book ‘The Wise Company: How companies create continuous innovation’.

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The researchers’ findings found the following customs:

– Adopt a routine: Having an established day-to-day serves to organize thoughts.

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– Train the brain to broaden the perspective: Avoid, as much as possible, having extremist thoughts and not seeing the world in black and white. It is advisable to be more sensitive to the nuances of things that happen around you.

– Spend more time outdoors: According to academics, doing outdoor activities helps improve mood and lower stress levels.

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– Get inspired by others: The researchers also suggest that people have a tendency to feel suggested when they see the success of another. They recommend learning success stories from important people.

– Questioning: The researchers recommend asking yourself three questions: Why were you born? (mission), what do you want to achieve? (vision) and what attitudes do you appreciate in a person? (values).

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– Reading: having reading habits, according to researchers, helps people find new ways of seeing the world, adding that they can acquire knowledge in order to strengthen their relationship with others.