Today there are three large railway corridors that need to be connected efficiently to integrate with the country’s road, river, port and airport infrastructure network. These are La Dorada-Chiriguaná (in operation), Bogotá-Belencito (in operation) and the Red Férrea del Pacífico (in structuring).

In this regard, the idea of ​​the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) is to carry out the identification, analysis and evaluation of three minimum alternatives to guarantee an efficient rail connection between the Bogotá-Cundinamarca Metropolitan Region or the municipalities surrounding the capital of the country and the central railway corridor that goes from La Dorada to Chiriguaná.

In the evaluation, the precept of the best cost-benefit will be taken into account, in which the technical, economic, financial, legal, property, social, environmental and risk components will be considered, in order to define the optimal alternative.

The investment earmarked for the project is 19,267 million pesos, which would be contributed by the transport sector through ANI. After the pre-bills for contracting, a specialized consultancy would carry out the comprehensive pre-feasibility structuring of the railway connection. Thus, in the third quarter of the year the process would be awarded.

William Camargo, Minister of Transportation


Mauricio Moreno. TIME

“This is one more step to fulfill the desire and conviction to transform the territories of Colombia through the intermodal infrastructure network, that makes the most of the different modes of cargo transport, with a logistics efficiency that implies a reduction in costs of up to 26 percent for entrepreneurs in the train and the generation of optimal conditions in the operation”, said the Minister of Transportation, William Camargo Triana.

Once this railway connection is implemented, the mobilization of heavy industry and high-volume cargo that is carried out from the production centers in the interior of the country will be able to reach the seaports located in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In this way, intermodality will be strengthened through the development of modes of transport, it will contribute to the economy by reducing logistics costs and will achieve the country’s competitiveness.

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