If the approval is labor reforms As it is currently proposed in Congress, all the medium and large companies in the country will have to provide data to the Government so that it can put together a range of characteristics, they are the ones that are working the most for the closing gender gaps.

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«The Ministry of Labor through the Vice Ministry of Employment and Pensions will create a public ranking of employers that stand out for their compliance with salary parity activities, regardless of whether or not they belong to the Equipares program”, says the presentation for the first labor debate.

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It must be remembered that Equipares is a certification program that recognizes organizations, SMEs and both public and private entities that manage to implement effective actions to close gender gaps.

For example, companies such as the Grupo Éxito, Celsia, Codensa, Colombina, Colpensiones, Claro, NutresaBanco de Bogotá and Banco de la República, among many others.

«In all cases, the Ministry of Labor may grant a certificate of good practices in terms of equity,» says the text.

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The Ministry of Labor would grant a certificate of good practices in terms of equity.

What would be requested to elaborate the ranking?

For the purposes of preparing this new ranquin, the bill says that medium-sized and large companies would be obliged to remit annually to the Ministry of Labor the lists in which they report the number of workers linked to a work contract, indicating their positions, salaries, age, sex, gender identity and whether they are nationals or foreigners.

Of course, note the following: «In these lists, the names of the workers and workers may be crossed out for the purposes of personal data protection,» it can be read.

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It also says that the micro and small companies that voluntarily want to be part of the public ranking of the Ministry of Labor could do it and in that case they would have to notify the labor portfolio.

«In no case may the information provided for the purposes of the ranking be used to penalize the companies that submit the lists,» says the text of the reform.

However, it is indicated that if relevant disparities are evident, the Ministry of Labor It could carry out visits to design, together with the employees involved, improvement action programs to improve the aforementioned disparities.

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