A lot of expectation predictably the announcement of the interview of the Colombian Shakira in which he was going to talk about his recent musical themes. The big question was whether he was going to talk about his private life, that is, the relationship between his recent successes and the separation from the former soccer player. Gerard Piqué. (You may be interested in: Piqué and Clara Chía: shocking news that Shakira would not like)

Well, in this interview, granted to Canal de las Estrellas, and broadcast through Nmas from Barcelona, ​​​​the Colombian touched on that sensitive topic of how Music has allowed him to cope with the break in his relationship with the former soccer player.

the broken dream

Shakira and Piqué just started their relationship

In part of the interview, given to journalist Enrique Acevedo, Shakira opened up: «I bought the story that a woman needs a man to complete herself, a family, I had that dream of having a family in which the children had a father and mother under the same roof.Not all dreams come true,» said the artist without citing Piqué directly, but referring to her broken dream after the breakup.

However, the Colombian spoke of the catharsis that she has experienced through music, of heartbreak lyrics, and how he has faced pain thanks to his children.

«Life compensates you, and life did it with my two wonderful children who fill me with love… that fable that a woman needs a man… I have been emotionally independent. I have managed to understand it from another perspective, it’s enough for me to myself, when a woman faces the ravages of life, she comes out stronger, she has learned to know your weaknesses and accepts your vulnerability. Express what you feel, that pain. Now I feel complete, because it depends on myself, and I have two children who depend on me,» he added.

And to close the topic, he made it clear that there are dreams that are broken.

«I have to be stronger than a lioness. It must be a strength like living a duel, accepting it, tolerating frustration, there are dreams that are broken and you have to pick up the little pieces from the ground.»


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