Shakira it’s news. Not only for his songs, for his musical hits. The separation with the ex-defense of the Barcelona Gerard Piqué has been the hot topic in recent months.

The Colombian singer continues to reap dividends for her last two albums, in which she shoots or directs at her ex-partner.
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what they told

Shakira, like a celebrity, is given to her audience, the same one that follows her on her networks, that buys her music and idolizes her.

No doubt the last song with karol g already given to talk about. Amas came together to express what they felt after their love songs.

The Colombians stand out on the different platforms where their songs become increasingly important.

But Shakira, at 46 years old, wants to see herself in the best way and a person from her environment revealed the physical changes that are made.

The Barranquillera, according to what they say, has undergone aesthetic operations in order to look much more attractive than it is.

The middle’vanity‘I assured that the Colombian singer would have retouched several aspects, but the lips are the part that she takes care of the most.

The retouching in that part of his body is the last thing that has been done in this time. Shakira, in addition, has carried out another class of operations and has been opposed in the hands of experts in a renowned clinic in Barcelona.

take decisions

It was known that Piqué’s ex-partner knows what he wants and almost always gets it. It is she herself who makes the decisions about his changes.

“She knows her own body very well and that she herself says what she wants where and how much. When you’re with the needle she tells you: ‘Put me 0.2 toxin here’, and she points you to the exact point. ‘Put me 0.5 acid there’, and she points you to another exact point. She knows her face perfectly and directs the staff. She touches her eyebrows, her lips, the nasolabial fold, her chin, the corner of her lips… ”, she says in ‘Vanitatis’.

The person who counted denies that Shakira had gone for a rhinoplasty, for example. «She touches her eyebrows, her lips, the nasolabial fold, her chin and the corner of her lips,» the person explained.
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