Gerard Piqué announced, in an interview with EFE, that 2024 will be the year of expansion of the Kings League throughout America -with a competition in Brazil and another focused on the Latin American market based in Mexico- and also in France and Italy.

The former Barcelona player, widely recognized in Latin America for his separation from the Colombian Shakira, hopes to carry out his project on another level.

Fifteen days before the Civitas Metropolitano de Madrid hosts the Final Four of the Kings League and Queens League summer leagues, Piqué spoke about the future of his successful football and entertainment proposalwhich it intends to replicate in various territories until it has a dozen competitions spread throughout the world within a period of three years.

And, Piqué assured, there will be a Colombian team.

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Gerard Piqué, ‘to the land of Shakira’

Gerard Piqué and the Colombian Shakira.


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«2024 is the year in which we are going to expand, and that takes a lot of dedication and a lot of time. After an exploration exercise on what would probably be the most important or priority markets for us, we have decided to bet on all of the American-speaking Hispanic, Brazil, France and Italy. They all come together for two things: that they really like soccer and that they have an important community of streamers and that is how we were born and how we want to continue», Piqué said in the talk with EFE.

Questioned by the headquarters of his project in America, he stated: «We can say that it is already certain that in January we will go to Mexico. That is where we will have our house, our pavilion, as we have here in Barcelona (the Cupra Arena). And the League is going to be called Kings League Americas. After choosing the pavilion, we will have to choose the twelve presidents who are going to be lucky enough to have a club there and who are going to be Spanish-speaking streamers from all over America, and also the one who will be the president of the league In October it will be when we will surely go physically there and we will announce absolutely everything, then we will celebrate the draft and in January we will start the season. America is a very big continent«, advertisement.

Given the expectation of the incorporation of other countries, the Catalan said: «The Kings League Americas is going to have presidents or owners from different countries. We also want to involve as many countries as possible. There will be countries from Central America, and from North America that speak Spanish will to be a couple Then there will be a Colombian, Chilean, Argentine club… We have five or six that have already been confirmed, we can’t say yet, but we are in the process and there is less and less left for it to become a reality.

«The idea that we have in mind is to make eight to ten Leagues in different territories and that the best clubs in these Leagues, as I have said before, can come together to face each other in an international competition. We believe that we are going to have this that we dedicate, at least, two or three years, and once we achieve what we have planned, we will set ourselves the goal perhaps to go to other sports, but right now we believe that there is still a lot to be done in football ”, concluded Piqué.

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