Two accidents were recorded during the qualifying day of the Mobil Delvac Grand Prix for tractor-trailerswhich is fulfilled in Tocancipá racetrack, in Cundinamarca. Despite the spectacular crashes, both pilots and co-pilots did not suffer serious injuries.

(Context: Mobil Delvac Tractomulas Grand Prix: all the details of the event in Tocancipá).

The participants collided against retaining walls when leaving the competition in the slalom modality on the main track.

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Immediately after the accidents, the organization activated the corresponding care protocol. The only people affected by the accidents were the two drivers and their two co-drivers who were transported with minor bruises to the La Sabana clinic to carry out the respective medical assessment.

The organization of the event reported that the spectators who were in the stands near the impact zones were assessed in accordance with the established protocol and did not register any effects on their health.

In the images circulating on social media, it is seen that one of the ‘mules’ is going at full speed and suddenly leaves the trackimmediately hitting the fence and in an area with assistants.

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The mishap left several people injured, two of them were the pilots who drove the vehicle.

In the same way, the protocol for the removal of the heads from the track was implemented, which were destroyed after the impressive crashes and a review was carried out by the personnel in charge and the Unified Command Post of the event, made up of the National Army, National Police, Tocancipá Volunteer Fire Department, Civil Defense, Tocancipá Autodrome Team and the Automobile Federation.

After verifying all security measures, The organizers authorized to continue the event’s agenda for this Saturday and Sundaywith adjustments in the racing system to ensure the safety of competitors and attendees.

In accordance with the best established schedule, this Friday the classification day will take place among the 240 cabezotes in which each participant covered a 1.5 km test in a single opportunity, in which in the end 140 qualified tractor-trailers advanced by having the time.

On Saturday, July 15, there will be two tests, one individual and one in pairs, and only the best 70 will go to the next round. On Sunday, July 16, 8 tests will be run, eliminating the participants until the four semifinalists are reached, those who, thanks to their skill and knowledge, will fight for first place.

The traditional Champion of Champions Cup will also be held in which 10 winners of past editions will face each other to compete for the greatest recognition and earn a place in the classification that will take place on Sunday.

Additionally, this new format not only increases the number of participants but also has a new challenge in pairs, the «KM Challenge»which adds excitement to the competition with a more challenging environment for the participants.

The following video shows the strong crash of another of the tractor-trailers, the first recorded on the day, fortunately without serious injuries.

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The organization does not allow him to keep in touch with the relatives of the pilots and co-pilots, as well as with the staff of the La Sabana clinic, who Your medical part will inform you about the state of health of the people who were taken to the medical center.