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Netflix’s newest teen series is here, and with it comes an eclectic range of songs, many from South Korea. As a result, this is a K-Pop loaded soundtrack list. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the full tracklist broken down episode by episode.

For those who do not know, XO, kitty is the new series that serves as a spin-off for to all the boys which sees Kitty in the spotlight as she travels across the world to South Korea.

The series stars Anna Cathcart, Théo Augier Bonaventure, Jocelyn Shelfo and Ivan Melgares. It also stars many recognizable South Korean talents, including Minyeong Choi, Yunjin Kim, and Sang Heon Lee.

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As composers for the XO Original Soundtrack, Kitty includes Jina Hyojin, best known for working on princess switch 3 and will soon be heard by his work on the Netflix animated series exploding kittens.

He worked alongside his fellow writer. shirley song having worked on the same projects plus Guillmero Del Toro’s DreamWorks series for Netflix.

Complete list of songs for XO, kitty Season 1 on Netflix

Episode 1 (XO) Songs

  • Nobody – Anne of the North
  • Yarn – THANKS
  • HOT – Seventeen
  • Telepathy -BTS
  • BAAM – Momoland
  • pink poison –Blackpink
  • What are you waiting for – JEON SOMI
  • make me live (live) – Djmike
  • What do you think about me now? –Rayelle
  • up and away – Children with no way out
  • darling+ing – SEVENTEEN

Episode 2 (WTF) Songs

  • you never know –Blackpink
  • Tonight – 5 Alarm
  • Weak point – Claudius
  • hugs and kisses –Jeon Somi
  • you and I – Killer
  • boom boom boom – 5 Alarm
  • Dance! – Nakwon
  • Look at me now –Clancy

Songs from episode 3 (KISS)

  • The chasing – emmit fenn
  • Everybody wants to rule the world – scary tears
  • deeper than the dark – Love X Stereo

Episode 4 (TGIF) Songs

  • Maniac – stray kids
  • do not panic – The aces
  • I can not stop – Twice
  • Be with you – High five
  • Oh yeah – CSCS

Episode 5 (TBH) Songs

  • best shot –Wonho
  • Everybody wants to rule the world – scary tears
  • HANN (Only in winter) – (G)I-DLE
  • Time Machine – Juju B. Goode

Songs from Episode 6 (BYOB)

  • cocoa – Sweet boy
  • B.[oo]m-Boxx –Itzy
  • walk in like a boss – Skrxlla
  • Weekend – 88increasing & BIBI
  • Everybody wants to rule the world – Juju B. Goode
  • smoke signals –Dabin
  • Now go –Marc Jackson Burrows
  • Pink Sky Complex – Edge of Silence with Zuddi)
  • It belongs to me – Kali J.

Episode 7 (TIL) Songs

  • smoke signals –Dabin
  • fool fool –Jeon Somi
  • Glacial –Itzy
  • Woozy – Verification of the glen
  • How about you – JETTE

Episode 8 (LFG) Songs

  • Stay like that –fromis_9
  • sins – Verification of the glen
  • rainbow freestyle – Juju B. Goode
  • Retrologo 2020 – Edge of Silence with Yun Hee Won

Episode 9 (SNAFU) Songs

  • goes and comes – The Felix
  • I am a winner – Carolyn Jordan and Craig Hardy
  • Only – miso
  • AND NOT YOU – Park Hye Jin with Clams Casino and Take A Daytrip
  • don’t you dare dance – Haiku Hands
  • As usual – John Chuck and class

Episode 10 (OTP) Songs

  • About love – MARINE
  • Flee – Monkey
  • W8ing 4U –Vegyn, Soo Joo
  • without a good reason – Always shine
  • I guess I’ve changed – cave boy

Spotify Playlist for XO, Kitty Season 1

Although Netflix hasn’t uploaded an official list of soundtracks to its own Spotify hub, someone called «Blueband» has had the pleasure of gathering all of the songs listed above into one convenient embedded playlist below:

Did you like the soundtrack of the new Netflix? XO, kitty spin-off series? Tell us what your favorite song was in the comments.