after controversies in recent months due to the slowdown in the housing sector and after the budget increase guaranteed 75,000 housing subsidies For this year, the Government urged market players to expedite procedures to unlock the existing blockade.

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«Faced with the subsidies pending disbursement, the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory calls on banks and builders to expedite the procedures and thus, more households fulfill the dream of having their own home”, assured the portfolio of the sector.

The Minister of Housing, Catalina Velasco, said that taking into account that there are homes that meet the new requirements of the program and have an advanced home purchase processPriority is being given to the protection of those families who plan to sign the deeds within six months after the issuance of the decree that established a protection filter through Sisbén IV as a condition.

According to the entityThis allows us to reduce the housing stock finished and avoid withdrawals.

As you remember, within the settings made to Mi Casa It was already thought that the prioritization score was higher for applicants in municipalities category 5 and 6 (up to 20 points), in order to ensure that the program reaches municipalities that have been neglected.

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The Ministry highlighted that disbursements They have been carried out since last February, so the subsidies are disbursed as the builders make the payment.

And he added that in the new targeting, only the D21 subgroup is exceptedwhich, according to the data from the Great Integrated Household Survey 2021, includes households that, on average, have incomes greater than four monthly minimum wages.

«For this reason, it is considered that they do not face difficulties in reaching financial closure, so they do not need to be attended by the Mi Casa Ya program»the entity pointed out.

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