The Rappi home application was sued by a group of people, who received promotional messages through text messages, emails and WhatsApp.

This marketing practice by the platform was sued by 20 people. besides, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has imposed more than two million fines for this.

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These 20 people saw advertisements without explicit consent, therefore, on behalf of the lawyers Juan David Mesa and Camilo Araque, they demand that Rappi accept and pay for the damages caused by the alleged Violation of Law 1581 of 2012.

Likewise, the SIC assured that the platform did not respect the right to suppress the information of the data when they have this purpose and they cannot verify that they have the authorization to access them, according to different the Colombian: “the company was not able to satisfy that right and fulfill its duty to provide said information, seriously violating the right of habeas data”.

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On the one hand, the requirement of the lawsuit is that any Rappi user who has registered prior to April 25, 2019 and has received this type of message should benefit:

The group of consumers who have registered as users of Rappi SAS, initially from a date prior to April 25, 2019, the date on which generic orders were issued to the defendant company by the SIC to adjust its collection of personal data to the statutory laws of habeas data and consumer protection”.

On the other hand, the lawsuit requires that the platform provide information on registered users and modify the date on which they registered to it. It is known that this request has already been approved by the court.

However, Rappi’s defense, Alberto Acevedo, alleges that this group’s lawsuit has already expired, because two years have passed since it was filed:

«Under this understanding, the actions that could arise in relation to the facts that are the subject of the aforementioned investigation were demonstrated within the two years following these two dates, that is, February 9, 2019 or, at the latest, October 23, 2019. 2019″.

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