Inflation, rising interest rates and inputs putting pressure on home prices have generated a drop in home purchase interest. Despite this, prices have not found the brake. According to the latest New Housing Price Index of the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), there is evidence of a 8.78% increase in the marketing value of these properties.

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In apartments, the increase already reaches 8.58% per year, and in houses the rise is much more pronounced and already cumulative growth 12.68%. It is worth clarifying that these historical figures are the highest since 2014, the year in which weighted housing prices exceeded 12.32%.

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In the panorama by cities, the figures seem to be more worrying. For example, In Ibagué the price of the apartments already reaches an increase of 18.94%, after receiving a drop the previous year of -2.21%. After the capital of Tolima, Villavicencio follows, with increases of 16.86% in apartment prices, a much higher increase than the previous year, which was 4.3%. Other cities with high increases are Armenia with 15.43%, Popayán 14%, Pasto 12.5% ​​and Cúcuta 12.1%.

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about houses the most representative increase is in Armenia where the rise was 30.9%, followed by Pereira where prices grew 20.3%, Barranquilla 18.5% and Popayán 17.8%.