Less than a week ago, the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory, through the minister of the portfolio, Catalina Velasco, announced the changes that the housing program will have that has had the most relevance in recent years: Mi Casa Ya.

According to what Portafolio knew, the draft decree is ready, which stipulates what amounts each family will be able to access due to their score in the Sisbén and changes in the requirements for their application.

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The first article, which promises to modify article of Decree 1077 of 2015, which dictates the values ​​of the housing subsidy, plane that Fonvivienda is the one who assigns the relief to families that meet six selection criteria and that they are within the category of Sisbén IV.

On urban land, it is necessary that the interested parties are in groups A1 and C7 of Sisbén IV, which may be given up to 30 Current Legal Minimum Wages (Smmlv) at the time of the request, which would be equivalent to $34.8 million this year. In the case of rurality, these should be classified between A1 and C14 in Sisbén IV for the same amount.

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Other categories will be assigned 20 Current Legal Minimum Wages (Smmlv), that is, $23.2 million in 2023. In the case of urban land, they will be groups C8 and D11 of Sisbén IV and in rural land groups C15 and D20 of Sisbén IV.

«Family housing subsidies whose appearance has been requested by credit establishments, solidarity economy entities supervised by the Superintendency of Solidarity Economy or family compensation funds, through the system established for that purpose, will be assigned according to with the value indicated in the standard in force at the time of the request, without there being room for subsequent adjustments or increases.” says the draft decree.

This means that The value to be delivered will be the sum of the minimum wages in the year of the request.

Likewise, people who go out beneficiaries will be able to access interest rate coverage that will be subject to the credit for the acquisition or the housing leasing operation is applied to a dwelling that meets the necessary conditions.

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Those requirements requested by the Government refer to, first, being within that parameter of Sisbén IV groups, not owning a home in the national territory, not having been a beneficiary of a family subsidy granted by a Family Compensation Fund (except if this was previously received in the improvement or lease modality), not having been a beneficiary and applied a family housing subsidy given by the Government (except if this was previously received in the improvement or lease modality) or having been beneficiaries of any title, from hedges to interest rates.

Likewise, the project indicates that it is necessary Have an approved credit for the acquisition of the housing solutionthrough a letter of credit.

Those who meet these requirements will enter a list where they will evaluate other aspects and Priority will be given to victims of the internal armed conflict, women heads of households from the poorest strata of the population, to the workers of the informal sector and to the community mothers for delivery.

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It is worth remembering that these financial reliefs will only be delivered to families that will be interested in projects that does not exceed the value of the Social Interest Housing (VIS), which to date are 150 Smmlv in urban areas and 135 Smmlv in rural areas.
This project, at the close of this edition, is being discussed in working groups in which the Colombian Chamber of Construction (Camacol) and the National Government participate, which seeks to reach consensus to avoid possible effects on the finances of builders and to clarify other points on relief.

What will happen to the concurrency subsidy?

A question that worries the construction sector is what will happen to the competition subsidy, with which thousands of families have been able to combine the relief granted by the Compensation Funds, which is usually up to 20 Smmlv, with that of Mi Casa Ya with the one that was obtained between 20 Smmlv and 30 Smmlv, thus obtaining up to 50 Smmlv for your initial fee.

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Although this project and decree responds to changes in the Mi Casa Ya model, it does not speak about what will happen with this union of financial relief and if it is allowed.
However, one of the requirements indicated in the project is not having been a beneficiary of a family subsidy granted by a Family Compensation Fund (except if it was previously received as an improvement or lease).

Now builders ask for answers from the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory and determine what will be the future of the union of these subsidies.

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