The home buying dynamics continue to declineIt seems that inflation is already taking its toll on the portfolio after several years of figures recorded in the sector.

Yesterday, the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), revealed the quarterly figures (compared to the last three months of 2022) for housing financing, where shows an annual drop of 37.3% in loans disbursed. In housing lease the decrease was 26.5%.

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Between October to December, las different financial institutions disbursed $2.54 trillion, which means 34.4% less than the previous quarter, in number of loans the figure fell 42.5%.

in credits, 27,501 disbursements were delivered (-43.8% compared to the previous period) for a value of $1.78 trillion.

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The most significant drop in this line was eIn the used housing segment, a figure that fell 45.9%, with $683,126 million. However, there was a growth of 8% in regards to Social Interest Housing (VIS) with an additional 8.9% and $84,958 million, in Non-VIS the figure fell close to 50% in number of disbursements and decreased a decrease Of the 37.1% in the money granted to Colombian families, this figure reached $598,169 million.

On new housing, the figures are completely negative, in VIS, disbursements fell 19.1% ($475,325 million) and No VIS resulted in 37.1% ($627,998), which undoubtedly demonstrates a slowdown in the interest in buying new and used housing in the country.

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