A few weeks before the shareholders’ meeting of the largest company in Colombia, Ecopetrol, takes place, one of the members of its board of directors submitted his resignation.

Is about Carlos Gustavo Cano Sanz, who in a brief statement released that news. «I have said to retire from the Board of Directors of Ecopetrol, the largest and most important Colombian company«said the manager, who has also been part of that same collegiate body at the Banco de la República.

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The manager expressed his gratitude to the private sector, which was the one that invited him six years ago «to be its director, postulated by the so-called segment of minority partners. But when Confidence within any collegiate group like this vanishesby reasons that I do not consider opportune or prudent to mention nowwhat is ethically indicated is to step aside,» the economist emphatically explained.

Cano Sanz has been president of the National Federation of Rice Producers (Fedearoz),
President of the Society of Farmers of Colombia (SAC), founder and
President of the International Colombia Corporation (CCI), President of the Caja
Agrarian and President of the newspaper the vieweramong other.

When trust within any collegiate group like this vanishes (…), the ethical thing to do is to step aside.

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The manager, who submitted his resignation to the board of directors, was president of the Business Committee, vice president and president of this same collegiate bodyposition in which he remained for only 24 hours when he was removed amid rumors that this decision had been promoted from the presidency of the Republic.

This was made known by Cano Sanz himself at the time when he pointed out: «The determination induced by the president to remove me from said position was reached, without any reason other than my proven independence from the Government,» he said in a message to public opinion.

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