March, in addition to recognizing and commemorating the history of women’s political, social and economic rights, highlights the achievements that many have achieved to date. A clear example of this are the figures of the Single Business and Social Registry (RUES)since the most recent ones indicated that in Colombia women led the creation of companies in 2022.

This spirit of female entrepreneurship not only contributes to the country’s economy, but also loses fear and motivates more women to join in fulfilling their dreams. For this reason, four microentrepreneurs, linked to MibancoThey provided recommendations for those who are interested in successfully opening a microbusiness.

For Paula and Monica Villarraga, creators of the ‘Dulce’ stationery, the first tip is to think about the needs of the environment: opening a business that responds to the requests of the neighbors is not only a way to guarantee its profitability, but it is also a of the formulas to last over time and generate loyalty, in addition to having a business opportunity, you will have a competitive advantage over your environment.

Likewise, the Villarraga sisters assured that «What differentiates ‘Dulce’ stationery from the other two located in the sector is that customers, and especially children, are very satisfied with the service», Without a doubt, the second tip is to offer an excellent service. Happy customers have been the basis of successful businesses for years, this could be the differential against your competition.

For her part, Sandra Quintero, creator of the ‘Luna Rosa’ Boutique, assures that the third tip is to persevere to move forward with her venture. When starting a new microbusiness, it is necessary to remember that there is the possibility of facing unexpected situations. However, being consistent and staying motivated are two qualities that will help you face risks and crisis situations that may arise.

“You have to work hard, you have to persevere. To progress is to grow, it is to move forward» Quintero stated. remember! That this quality makes businesses prosper and that every adversity is an opportunity to learn.

Aleida Fajardo, dedicated to recycling, also agrees with being constant to fulfill dreams, for her, having help is essential, so the fourth tip is to seek support and guidance. One way to see your projects materialize is to have the advice of your financial institution, this will not only guide you in the way in which you can undertake, but will also provide you with financial education so that you have the necessary tools to implement them in your day. one day; This advice can be focused on ways to reinvest your earnings or how you can carry out the accounting of your venture, among others. “I have been working with plastic for 8 years, my business has inspired my dreams and has helped me educate my daughter. Mibanco has helped me get ahead… I am a woman for the better”, obvious fajardo.

Finally, Maria Alejandra, a wood trader, indicates that a good fifth tip is to maintain a clear goal. Setting goals will not only keep you motivated, but it will also define where you want your venture to go. Don’t forget that you need to take the time to set yourself a clear goal and how much time and effort you are going to put into it; also remember that the first person you should believe in your abilities, dreams and goals, is yourself.

Now, with these tips in mind, it’s important to remember that just as these 4 entrepreneurs made their dreams come true, so can you.