Juan Carlos Atala of the Ficohsa Foundation joins Ambassador Dogu & local children at the launch of the alliance to support education.

Ficohsa Foundation joins USAID-led Alliance to Support Schools

«The Ficohsa Foundation has benefitted 150,000 children in 149 schools over 25 years. I am proud that Grupo Financiero Ficohsa is investing US$1 million to enable us to renovate more classrooms.” — Mr. Juan Carlos Atala, President of the Ficohsa Foundation.

Juan Carlos Atala, President of the Ficohsa Foundation for Children’s Education, was present at the commencement of a new venture this week. This joint effort was attended by the U.S. Ambassador Laura F. Dogu, key figures of the Honduran and U.S. administrations, and private sector representatives. The aim of this initiative is to promote the reform of education and better the condition of schools in Honduras.

Grupo Financiero Ficohsa has partnered with USAID and the Honduran Ministry of Education to donate an extra one million US dollars over two years to the Ficohsa Foundation, in order to help renovate more classrooms in schools.

Mr. Atala declared that the Ficohsa Foundation for Early Childhood Education has provided assistance to 150,000 children attending 149 schools in the past 25 years. He is delighted that Grupo Financiero Ficohsa is vowing to invest one million US dollars in the next two years so that more classrooms can be refurbished by the Foundation.

The Ficohsa Foundation will be utilizing their knowledge and expertise to put funds towards upgrading 245 classrooms in 25 schools across seven cities in central and northern Honduras. In doing so, they will be assisting 10,700 students and their teachers, thanks to their generous contribution.

The Ficohsa Foundation is picking schools close to the kindergartens they already back in order to ensure that deprived areas are reinforced, and that their students have access to top-notch education even after leaving pre-school.

Mr. Atala praised Ambassador Dogu for her efforts to make changes in Honduran public education. He also expressed Ficohsa’s pleasure to collaborate with USAID and the ambassador on this meaningful initiative. Ficohsa has allocated one million US dollars to benefit Honduran schools and its students, as well as to provide instruction for many instructors.

Grupo Financiero Ficohsa is Honduras’ top financial company, offering a wide selection of services including banking, insurance, pensions, brokerage, and money exchange. They use cutting-edge technology to give customers the option of banking from anywhere, helping to increase access to financial services in the area. Ficohsa is a partner of the United Nations Global Compact.

The Ficohsa Foundation for Children’s Education has been dedicated to helping disadvantaged communities in Honduras and Central America for the past 25 years. This organization has had a positive effect on the lives of 150,000 pre-schoolers, has given training to 300 teachers, and provided more than 12 million meals. Moreover, 29 technology centers containing over 500 computers have been set up in 149 schools in the aforementioned regions.

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