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Some of the most popular k-dramas on Netflix have been romantic fantasy dramas. Destined With You, starring K-pop star Rowoon and actress Jo Bo Ah, could be another big hit for Netflix when it arrives sometime in 2023. We keep track of all things related to destined with youincluding the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

destined with you is an upcoming Netflix Original South Korean romantic drama directed by Nam Ki Hoon (Tunnel), and written by screenwriter Nah Ji Sul (100 days my prince).

When is the Netflix release date for destined with you?

For now, there is no official Netflix release date. We also don’t have a preliminary release date for the k-drama.

However, we know that destined with you is coming to Netflix in 2023 after appearing in the streaming services’ 2023 preview for their k-drama lineup.

What is the plot of destined with you?

the synopsis of destined with you has been obtained from HanCinema:

A drama depicting an irresistible romance between a woman who obtained a forbidden book that was completely sealed 300 years ago and a man who became a victim of the forbidden book.

Who are the cast members of destined with you?

rowoon plays the lead role of Jang Shin Yu. K-Pop fans will be excited to see the SF9 members back in action for Netflix in their third original k-drama after the king’s affection Y morning.

destined with you netflix k drama season 1 netflix rowoon

Jo Bo Ah He plays the lead role of Lee Jong Ho. It will be a Netflix debut for the actress who has had some very popular dramas outside of the streaming service, such as; my strange hero, tale of the nine tailsY Missing Noir M.

destined with you netflix k drama season 1 netflix jo bo ah

ha joon plays a major role that has yet to be named. So far, Ha Joon has starred in only one k-drama for Netflix, Arthdal ​​Chronicles, in which he appeared in a supporting role in all three parts. Since then she has starred in other popular k-dramas like black dog, Crazy LoveY bad prosecutor.

destined with you netflix k drama season 1 netflix ha joon

Yura it also plays a main role that has yet to be named. The Girl’s Day member recently starred in the Netflix k-drama forecast love and weather. Outside of Netflix, she has starred in dramas like romantic radio, hip hop teacherY After the show is over.

destined with you netflix k drama season 1 netflix yura

So far, eight supporting roles have been confirmed; Hyun Bong Shik (narcosantos), Park Kyung-hye (Elf), lee bong ryun (Sweet Home), jung hye young (reborn rich), Lee Pil Mo (the king’s affection), Jung Sae Rom (Hyena), park jung eon (lie after lie), Y my ram (be melodramatic).

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