In the last few hours, the national government filed in the Congress of the Republic the labor reforms. Some proposals that were included in the text are raising concern about their effects on companies and a possible increase in unemployment.

The president of Andi, Bruce Mac Master, stated that the bill did not include some proposals that addressed the concerns that employers had raisedor during the four months of talks and that they were in the draft that they had last Monday.

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«The final version differs on several very sensitive points for us from what was seen on Monday. The Government had the power to do so, but that leads to the concertation is in fewer points than we had originally seen«, he added.

One of them was the possibility of gradually implementing the provisions of the labor reform to the extent that it was resulting greater economic activity in the country.

«If something should be done at this time in labor terms, it is to try to create conditions so that there are more employment, less informality and so that there are effectively more entrepreneurs and medium and large companies hiring people, which is what Colombia needs the most,» said Bruce Mac Master during the 12th version of Colombia Genera.

If large companies are forced to produce everything they need, a large number of SMEs will disappear.

The union leader also stated that an important concern is the higher costs that can eventually be generatedsome inflexibilities that are taking place and outsourcing impositions.

«We are convinced that we have to give SMEs and micro-enterprises the opportunity to be able to sell products to large companies. If large companies are forced to produce everything they need or contract everything directly, they will disappear a large number of SMEs and small and medium-sized companies,» he asserted.

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You have to do a very detailed exercise to understand the requirements are the actual analytical and decision-making capabilities of Congress
of the Republic

Even given that the popular economy may be affected. An Andi survey revealed that 80 percent of small and medium-sized companies work as providers of products and services to companies to large companies.

Another matter of concern expressed by the president of Andi is the number of bills that have been filed in the first half of the year to be studied and approved by the Congress of the Republic.

In recent days, the National Development Plan and the health and labor reforms have been filed; In addition, in the next few days, the rpension formof which several details of the text have already been known.

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“You have to do a very detailed exercise to understand the real analysis and decision-making capabilities that the Congress of the Republic has physically and in terms of time. We have it very busy, ”he said.

Although he does not affirm that congressmen are not in the capacity to make decisions, he is concerned that they cannot «decide well, that understand each of the articles that they will have to approve and that they understand the consequences of each one of them».

Due to the number of relevant projects that have been filed, eventually, a congestion in congress that it would end up leading him «to make the wrong decisions, which is very worrying,» says Bruce Mac Master.

For this reason, he suggests that Congress say qualities are his «responsible analysis capabilities to be able to make the right decisions for the country.»