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young wallander will not return for a third season on Netflix, What’s on Netflix has learned.

First debuting on Netflix in September 2020, the Yellow Bird series is based on the detective originally found in Henning Makell’s novels. The series was developed by Ben Harris and saw a second season of 6 episodes, subtitled shadow of the assassinarrives on February 17, 2022.

Given the naming convention of the show’s second season, it almost certainly opened up the possibility of the series almost becoming an anthology where we could pick up the story years later with a new case. That almost has to be the case, since season 2 ends very well.

Now, sources tell What’s on Netflix that the show will not continue for a third season. Netflix confirmed to us that the show had ended.

has renewed netflix young wallander Season 3?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Cancelled

Despite being set for future anthology seasons, Young Wallander likely hasn’t had the performance needed to go beyond what’s now available.

As for other renewals at Netflix, it all comes down to performance, and we can break it down below.

Netflix measures the performance of its shows using many metrics, including the number of people who start a show and how many go on to finish it.

As we’ll see in a second, it seems like the second season didn’t really make a big impact globally. However, it did well in a few key Nordic regions, which makes sense given the source material.

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how well he did young wallander Is season 2 showing on Netflix?

Netflix’s Global Top 10 Data reveals that the show failed to break into the global top 10 where we would get hourly data.

In the first week, it would have had to achieve 11.04 million hours beat The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window and 11.46M to beat jeen-yuhs: a kanye trilogy next week.

The top 10 daily raw data can give us insight into where the program is performing well. According FlixPatrol dataSeason 2 failed to make an impact in English-speaking countries, only appearing in the US TV top 10 for three days before dropping out and in the UK for ten days before dropping out.

As expected, young wallander It worked well in Nordic regions like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. it also did well in some central European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria.

flixpatrol popularity map for young wallander season 2

FlixPatrol Map for Young Wallander Popularity

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