Champions – Image: Focus Features

This weekend the new Woody Harrelson movie, champions, which has received rave reviews, but if you’d rather not venture into theaters to see it, will it be on Netflix? The answer is somewhat yes, but

Directed by Bobby Farrelly, the new comedy is about a disgraced minor league basketball coach who finds himself in legal trouble and is assigned to do community service coaching adults with various disabilities.

Focus Features is behind the film, a subsidiary of Universal Pictures and its theatrical release is on March 10, 2023.

When champions be on Netflix in the US?

For those in the United States, Netflix will be the recipient of champions, but not for at least four years, placing the movie to launch on the service sometime in 2027 at the earliest.

It comes to Netflix via a deal with Universal in 2021. If we look at the terms of the dealthe part that corresponds to champions is the following:

“As part of the agreement, Netflix will also license the rights to UFEG’s full slate of live-action and animated films approximately 4 years after release, as well as the rights to select titles from Universal’s vast library of films. ”.

Suppose you want to stream the movie much sooner. In that case, you can do it with both Peacock and Prime Video, which share first-window rights to live-action Universal movies (Netflix shares animated releases with Peacock). It will first stream on Peacock in a few months before heading to Prime Video.

If you don’t have a peacock, Netflix DVDs (Netflix’s DVD rental service, which only operates in the US) will release the film in the coming months.

Willpower champions be on Netflix internationally?

netflix on South Korea is getting new movies from Universal about a year after they debut in theaters, which means they’re getting champions sometime in 2024.

Netflix in selected Central European countries such as the Czech Republic, Asian territories such as thailand, Hong Kong, and Australia they’re getting movies from Universal around two years after their theatrical release, which would mean a 2025 release.

For most Netflix users in countries like Canada, Japan, South Africa, Indiaand the United Kingdom, you get new movies from Universal around two and a half to four years after they’re released in theaters. That means you won’t see champions on Netflix until at least 2025/6.

If you need some Woody Harrelson in your life, the actor has appeared in three Netflix Original movies so far.

Most recently, he starred with Kevin Hart in the man from toronto (one of the biggest Netflix movies of 2022), Kate starring with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and the best of all, the one from 2019 Bandits starring alongside Kevin Costner.

will you be checking champions in theaters or watching elsewhere? Let us know in the comments below.