Luther – Image: BBC Studios

The new luther The film is available now in select cinemas in the UK, and if you want to watch the series before The Fallen Sun hits Netflix, you’re out of luck unless you want to watch it on an alternative streaming service. Why is this and where can you watch it instead? Here’s what you need to know.

So, the TL; DR of this article is that we are not aware of any intention of any region configured to receive luther before Luther: the fallen sun arrives on Netflix on March 10.

When the film was in a very early stage of development and had not yet been greenlit, we were told that the deal for Netflix to acquire the film was complex and it took months to get over the line. It comes to Netflix via a joint production between Chernin Entertainment (which has an overall deal with Netflix) and BBC Films.

The series therefore remains the sole property of BBC Studios, which in most countries has already licensed the show or is not selling it to Netflix.

It is not uncommon for Netflix to be unable to license a series or movie to stream when it has acquired the rights to make a sequel. Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a great example where Lionsgate still held the rights to the first film and didn’t license it to Netflix in the US (although they did in several other regions).

Of course, this could change in the weeks leading up to or shortly after launch, so we’ll keep you posted if that changes.

Netflix did not respond to repeated attempts to comment on this matter.

luther the fallen sun netflix movie

Luther: The Fallen Sun – Picture: Netflix

luther is streaming on Netflix in two regions

Two Netflix regions are streaming the series at press time.

According unogsonly two Netflix regions are streaming luther, Netflix Switzerland and Netflix Germany. Those regions broadcast all five seasons of the show and are available in multiple audio and subtitle options.

Where does Luther air in the United States?

While not available on Netflix in the US, a couple of locations (plus a FAST service) are streaming luther in the United States prior to the film’s release.

The two SVOD services currently airing the show include Hulu (which has all five seasons) and BritBox (which airs seasons 1-4).

As for the free services, Pluto TV is currently streaming seasons 1-3.

At a point, luther it streamed on Netflix in the United States. In fact, it was available for several years, with seasons 1-3 added in September 2014 and season 4 added in 2016 before being removed entirely in 2019.

where to stream luther in other regions

Naturally, the show is broadcast in its entirety on BBC iPlayer exclusively on the United Kingdom.

In Canadathe show is available on CBC Gem and BritBox.

In Australiathe show is available in its entirety on Stan and BritBox.

For all other regions, we recommend using a service like JustWatch to find out where it’s streaming in your region, although BritBox is the most likely home.

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