Delta Markets were born in the town of Niza, in Bogotá, under the main motto of discipline, respect, commitment and initiative. This business that in 1972 founded its foundations, despite the setbacks when starting in shops of this type, today is positioning itself as one of the chain supermarkets of this line in the Colombian capital.

Its creators, the Plazas Wilches family, began with their idea 50 years ago and with the help of a partner they materialized it first in Nice and then located in a store in Puente Aranda. The partner left in about 1979, but they continued to work for their business and have been expanding for other neighborhoods of the capital such as El Tintal, Quinta Paredes, Roma and more recently in the municipality of Soacha.

Why its name Delta?

As mentioned by its general manager, Luis Carlos Plazas Wilches, this name was appropriated by his parents, especially its founder, Luis Jesús Plazas Gómez, a Santanderean who put his roots in Bogotá and who saw in the word Delta the perfect name for your business, since the literal meaning of that word means the junction of two roads.

Its main activity is the distribution and sale of food, cold meats, beverages, bakery, dairy products, and products such as beauty, health, well-being, babies, and pets. In addition to its seven physical locations, they have a website and a WhatsApp where consumers can request products from the family basket to arrive at their doorstep.

The strength of Mercados Delta, according to its administrative director, Giovanna Sandoval Ordóñez, is the development of matured meats with its own brand called ‘Tres Novillos’. It also expresses that not only sectors of the north of the city can acquire good products, but also people of all strata, with the Delta Markets, will have the ease of having at home cheap items And good quality.

Who are the owners of Delta Markets?


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The «plus» of Delta Markets

According to the administrator of the Puente Aranda headquarters, Javier Eduardo Plazas Wilches, customer service in the markets is personalizedsince it considers that the client is not just another number, but that one learns from him and, incidentally, meets the needs of the food acquisition.

In the offer for the public, they also contemplate training with allies on topics such as cooking, gastronomy, sustainability, among others, which can be accessed by enrolling in said courses. These take place in one of the market venues with the assistance of people of all ages.

They have active social networks, since they constantly inform about discounts, training, benefits, special dates and easy-to-prepare recipes, especially with the products found in each of their locations.

Its founder, Luis Jesús Plazas Gómez, mentions in the video of the 50th anniversary of Mercados Delta, the feeling of having accomplished his work by expanding his services to other parts of the city, and that this has been possible thanks to the commitment of the entire Delta family, seeking to consolidate the business.


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