Glad! Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

One of the hidden gems in the Netflix library is Happy!, the comedy series starring Christopher Meni. It’s streaming exclusively on Netflix right now, but that won’t always be the case. This is when the series is considering removal from Netflix worldwide.

Airing on Syfy in the United States (the network owned by NBCUniversal), the black comedy series followed a corrupt ex-cop turned hit man named Nick Sax. His life is changed forever by a relentlessly positive blue-winged imaginary horse named Happy.

18 episodes aired on Syfy between 2017 and 2019 before the network unceremoniously canceled the program and has, since then, largely weaned itself from scripted content.

In the United States, the show has been licensed by Netflix, while outside of the United States, the show is marketed and labeled as a Netflix Original title.

We should also keep in mind if you plan to watch Happy! on Netflix, you will need to do so with a premium subscription as the title is not available on Netflix’s ad level.

Fans of the Netflix show even campaigned for Netflix to pick up the show following its cancellation by Syfy in June 2019. A campaign for Netflix to save the show. approached 40,000 signaturesbut the program was not resurrected.

netflix will stream Glad! Seasons 1-2 Until 2025

what’s on netflix may reveal that Netflix currently owns the US rights to Glad! until at least March 2025.

This follows the trend of most shows distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution, which is why they come out exactly five years after their final season was added to Netflix.

Season 2 was added to Netflix US on March 27, 2020, so it will currently expire on March 27, 2025.

In Canada, the rights expire a little earlier, on February 27, 2025.

When the title is renewed, a notice will be displayed on the title and both parties will have to come to a new agreement. Our guess, however, is that Netflix won’t renew the show; instead it will be installed somewhere else (probably Peacock).

Glad! Carries like a Netflix Original

Will Glad! leave Netflix internationally?

Yes. Despite being Brought Like a Netflix Original In all international regions, the show will leave Netflix internationally, and for most, it will be the same year as in the United States.

Our intelligence currently suggests that those in international regions will hold on to Glad! seasons 1 and 2 run a few months longer than in the United States, with their release scheduled for August 14, 2025.

We’ll keep you posted on the exact confirmed takedown dates as we get closer, but until then, you can stream Glad! exclusively on Netflix for years to come.