when will brooklyn nine nine season 8 be on netflix?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Image: NBCUniversal

The Andy Samberg-led sitcom has long since returned for its eighth and final season on NBC, with Netflix internationally mostly receiving all ten episodes. Here is an updated schedule on when brooklyn nine nine was added to Netflix and why it is not streaming in the United States.

Created by Michael Schur and Dan Goor, the series originally began life on Fox before pulling the rug out under it, eventually moving to NBC for seasons 6 through 8.

It has been a long wait between seasons 7 and 8 due to various issues, but season 8 will finally start. to air on August 12 and will end in mid-September 2021. It is the first time that the show has been presented during the summer and it is performed to coincide with the Olympic Games. The show also had numerous episodes. rewritten due to the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

Because it is not brooklyn nine nine on Netflix US?

We’ve covered this in the past, but if you’re in the US reading this article, you might be wondering what’s going on here.

Netflix did not pick up the national broadcast rights for brooklyn nine nine. Those rights were exclusive to both Hulu and Peacock Premium (it’s not available on the free tier), and all seven seasons are streaming from the initial time of publication.

Since then, Hulu lost the rights to NBC show and is now available exclusively on Peacock Premium.

NBC Universal still licenses titles to Netflix US, so never say never.

brooklyn nine nine season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Picture: NBC Universal

When will Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 be on Netflix internationally?

As Unog reportsmore than 37 international Netflix regions stream the show, though it is not marketed as a Netflix Original.

In most Netflix regions, you’ve been on the ride for the entire show as of 2014. Netflix UK, for example, has had new seasons close enough every year. Most other regions also get the program annually, but it differs slightly from region to region. Season 7, for example, arrived on Netflix UK in March 2021, while Netflix Canada got it in April 2021.

For more Netflix regions, such as Australia and Canadadid you get season 8 of brooklyn nine nine in August 2022 and September 2021 respectively.

In the UK, your wait has been a long one, but Netflix UK has finally unveiled that season 8 of brooklyn nine nine will be available on April 20, 2023.

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