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Happy Wednesday, and welcome to your first daily roundup of what’s new on Netflix for the week. Below, we’ll take a look at the 8 new series and movies that have appeared on the service so far this week. Plus, we’ll review the trends in the Netflix Top 10 for January 11, 2023.

This week is much quieter than we have become accustomed to in recent weeks and months, but that is not to say that there is nothing good on the horizon. Coming to Netflix later in the week are people like dog gone Y Vikings: Valhalla season 2.

Best New Movies and Shows on Netflix for January 11, 2023

the year of the wedding (2019)

Classification: R.
Idiom: English
Gender: Romantic comedy
Director: Roberto Luketic
Cast: sarah hyland, tyler james williams, jenna dewan
Writer: donald diego
Execution time: 90min / 1h 30m

The start of our highlights is a rom-com that is sure to fly under the radar on Netflix. Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) and Tyler James Williams (Everybody hates Chris) play the two main characters in the film by the director of legally blonde (2001), Mother-in-law (2005), and twenty-one (2008).

The film begins when Mara Baylor, a photographer from Los Angeles, is invited to 7 big weddings, putting her own love life situation into perspective and questioning.

In his review, Claudia Puig from Film Week concluded: «It looks like we’ve seen this before, but the [the stars] they have good romantic chemistry.”

The Hitchhiker Wielding an Ax (2023)

Classification: TV-MA
Idiom: English
Gender: Documentary, Crime
Director: Colette Camden
Execution time: 87 minutes / 1h 27m

It’s been a good start to the year with new documentaries on Netflix with Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street garnering great numbers on the service in its first week. That trend will now continue with The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker coming to Netflix.

The documentary tells the true story of Caleb «Kai» McGillvary, a homeless nomad who, after saving a woman from a violent attack, became an overnight celebrity, but soon became notoriety.

VINLAND SAGA (Season 2 – New episodes weekly)

Classification: TV-MA
Idiom: Japanese
Gender: Animation, Action, Adventure
Cast: Ray Chase, Zach Aguilar, Keith Silverstein
Execution time: 24 minutes
Awards: 1 win and 11 nominations

Finally, we wanted to highlight Vinland Saga Season 2 with new episodes coming to Netflix at a fast pace (not locked in the so-called Netflix Jail), with new episodes of the hit anime series now heading to Netflix on a weekly basis.

For those unfamiliar, here’s what to expect from the program:

«After his father is murdered, young Thorfinn joins his murderer Askeladd’s band of mercenaries, hoping for his revenge as Askeladd plots politics.»

Complete list of premieres on Netflix from January 9 to 11, 2023

6 new movies added today

  • Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – No subject is safe in this unfiltered stand-up set from Andrew Santino as he discusses everything from global warming to sexual injury to politics.
  • Bloodline (2020) – TV-14 – Arabic – After an accident leaves one of their twin sons in a coma, a pair of desperate parents resort to a risky plan to revive him, with dire consequences.
  • Illusion (2022) – TV-MA – Polish – Months after the disappearance of her teenage daughter, a devastated mother in a seaside town begins her own investigation in a desperate attempt to find her.
  • Noise (2022) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish – The search for her missing daughter leads a mother into a support network, where she connects with other women whose lives have been torn apart by violence.
  • The Hitchhiker Wielding an Ax (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – This powerful documentary chronicles the rise of a carefree nomad to viral stardom and the steep downward spiral that resulted in his imprisonment.
  • The year of the wedding (2019) – R – English – After a free-spirited woman begins a promising new romance, her fear of commitment is exposed when she must attend seven weddings in the same year.

2 new TV series added today

  • Sexify (Season 2) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Polish – To build an innovative sex app and win a tech competition, a sexually inexperienced student and her friends must explore the daunting world of intimacy.
  • VINLAND SAGA (Season 2 – New episodes weekly) – TV-MA – Japanese – After his father is murdered, young Thorfinn joins his killer Askeladd’s band of mercenaries, hoping for his revenge as Askeladd plots politics.

Netflix’s Top 10 for January 11, 2023

# TV shows Films
one ginny and georgia the pale blue eye
2 The Walking Dead Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
3 new amsterdam 10 minutes past
4 Kaleidoscope Life
5 Wednesday Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon
6 Madoff: The Wall Street Monster king kong
7 love island trolls
8 woman of the dead Barbershop 2: Back in business
9 Pressure cooker Grease
10 Emily in Paris the longest yard

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