It is common in people who suffer from an obsession with cleanliness and in those who defend ‘minimalism’

For some years there has been talk, and it has been represented on television, the compulsive obsession with cleanliness. A problem suffered by some people, usually the elderly. And from here a new concept has emerged, Spartanism or anti-hoarding.

This new term means the antithesis to Diogenes Syndromean obsession that some people, usually over 65, have in accumulating many objects around them.

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Spartanism consists of the opposite. In throwing at everything that gets in the way in his wake. And even, in the worst cases, getting rid of some objects forces them to have to buy them a few weeks later, since they are necessary elements for day to day.

People obsessed with absolute order have this syndrome. It is also similar in some respects to the ‘minimalist’ fashion which has grown in recent years. It is based on having only enough to live at home. People who base their day to day on this theory do not have pictures, photographs or decoration, something they consider ‘unnecessary’. They defend having the basics to cover their daily needs.