The Colombian fire brigade is looking for interested parties to join its job offer vacanciesThat is why here we explain what you need to apply for this job opportunity, according to the official page UAE Official Fire Department of Bogotá DC

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Step by step to apply to vacancies

1. Attach your resume

2. Psychotechnical tests developed by the Administrative Department of the District Civil Service- DASCD

Applicants who continue in the process must apply to the following requirements:

1. Virtual assessment of behavioral skills

2. Perform psychometric tests

3 Informed consent to submit behavioral evidence

The registration procedure can be done through the National Civil Service Commission, in which it informs that the Public Offer of Career Jobs-OPEC.


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Once the process is complete, wait for the results to find out whether or not you were accepted into the fire brigade.

You can also carry out this registration procedure through the National Civil Service Commission, in which it informs that the Public Offer of Career Jobs-OPEC corresponding to the Official Fire Brigades at the national level, this is found in the application in the SIMO .

To consult the jobs you can perform the following steps:

1. Login to, Enter username and password and the login button.

2. If you are not registered on the SIMO platform, complete the registration process to be able to view OPEC and participate in the call.

3. Once you enter your profile, locate the Public offer of career jobs (OPEC) module

4. In the search module, select ‘Selection process of official fire brigades 2023’ and enter to apply to the job vacancy available on the page.

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