we have a list of netflix ghost soundtracks

Isabella Russo as Joy, Jahi Winston as Kevin, David Harbor as Ernest in We Have A Ghost – Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

David Harbor’s new Netflix movie has just been released globally, and with it comes a great soundtrack and original score. Here is the summary of all the music you will listen to on the new Netflix we have a ghost.

From Legendary Entertainment, the new family film directed by Christopher Landon features many familiar faces, including David Harbor (Strange things) and Anthony Mackie (black mirror).

The film tells the story of a ghost named Ernest who is discovered haunting a house but becomes an internet sensation after being recorded.

We Have a Ghost Netflix Original Soundtrack

The composer for we have a ghost is an industry veteran McCreary Bear who has participated in some of the most important television series and movies of the last two decades.

Most recently, he composed the score for Prime Video The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Powers. Other known projects include Battlestar Galactica and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

For Netflix, McCreary has worked on The Witcher: Origin of Blood, Masters of the Universe: Revelationand black mirror. He will also be the composer for the next Netflix movie. Masters of the Universe live action movie.

The score was recorded at Rottenbiller Studio in Budapest, Hungary.

The original score consists of 14 songs:

  • we have a ghost
  • looking for ernesto
  • ghost on your side
  • The joy of hacking
  • three million hits
  • The world is a scary place
  • the other ernest
  • junebug
  • fast lane
  • raising the key
  • Switch it on
  • shared ride experience
  • I missed this house
  • skipping stones

Full List of Netflix Songs we have a ghost

We will now take you through the full list of 15 licensed tracks featured throughout we have a ghost duration.

Spotify Playlist for Netflix we have a ghost

Netflix has yet to upload an official playlist on Spotify for We Have a Ghost, so we took it upon ourselves to compile the full list of songs featured throughout. we have a ghost:

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