After two weeks of tragic denouement of the titanthe submersible with five occupants that imploded on Sunday in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean while descending towards the remains of the TitanicDetails of the accident that killed the millionaire Pakistani businessman continue to emerge shahzada dawood and his son suleman, 19 year old student; the british explorer Hamish Harding; the french explorer Paul-Henry Nargeolet and the CEO of the firm OceanGate, stockton fever.

In this case, the engineer and merchant marine Jose Luis Martin Ha launched to the newspaper ‘Nius’ his opinion that the submarine suffered a «free fall» of between 48 and 71 seconds. The expert has explained that this was the time that passed from when the ship became destabilized until it imploded.

According to Martin, who have documented their opinionsthe submersible bass 900 meters upright «as if it were a stone, without any control.» In that one, she assures that the passengers «fell momentarily and were piled up» and they surely knew that they were going to die. «It had to be like a horror movie,» she adds.

They realized «everything»

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The five people on the Titan were aware of everyone they passed until the moment of the explosion between 48 and 71 seconds later, when «death was immediate.»

«In that period of time they are realizing everything. And besides, in full darkness. It is difficult to get an idea of ​​what they lived through in those moments. After those 48 seconds, or one minute, the implosion and sudden sudden death occur,» explains Martín.