Movistar and Tigo announced today the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore the possibility of sharing their mobile access networks, under a new infrastructure company, which will be in common ownership.

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New Tigo building in Medellín, ANTIOQUIA,

“This announcement follows the best practices at an international level and is aligned with similar agreements that the Telefónica Group has already executed in the United Kingdom, Germany, Peru and Mexico with other operators, with the purpose of generating operational efficiencies and accelerating technological evolution. networks”, assured Fabián Hernández, president of Telefónica Movistar.

If finalized, this agreement will benefit the more than 35 million mobile users that the two companies will bring together and will allow more efficient its operation, generate more resources to expand coverage and optimize the quality of service.

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Likewise, it would allow them to comply with all their regulatory obligations regarding the access, use and exploitation of said infrastructure.

“We seek to mark a milestone for the sector in Colombia and Latin America. In Colombia, the sustainability of the telecommunications sector is at stake,» he said. Marcelo Cataldo, president of Tigo.


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According to the companies, if the operators manage to unify their networks, national coverage would be strengthened in about 10 percent of the territory.

According to their estimates, the consolidated network optimized the quality of mobile services in more than 700 municipalities in Colombia.

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In addition, they say that this new infrastructure company would be the vehicle for the use of New mobile technologies such as 5G.

in accordance with the membarrassing understandingThe two companies will continue to be competitors in the provision of retail and wholesale telecommunications services and will maintain their business, strategic and commercial independence and autonomy.

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