In 2022, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce received complaints from 300,934 citizens from all over the country for what they considered a violation of their rights as consumers.

What they complained the most about was health issues (34 percent), public services (20 percent) and for the guarantees offered in the purchase of products or services (16 percent).

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The main sectors consulted were service providers Health serviceshome public service companies and telecommunications companies.

The highest number of records occurred in the Andean region, with 177,826 Colombians served, representing 59 percent of the total. Then comes the Caribbean region with 74,183 services (24 percent) and the Pacific with 31,874 (10 percent).

Likewise, a total of 66,597 citizens belonging to the strata 1, 2 and 3, which is equivalent to 22 percent. And finally, it is noteworthy that 16 percent corresponded to older adults, who received care at the points of care through the Routes and Consumer Houses.

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Of the entities that make up the National Consumer Protection Network, Superindustria was the most consulted entitywith 34 percent, followed by the superintendencies of Health (30 percent) and Residential Public Services (20 percent).

«The results confirm that health, residential public services and the guarantee of products and services purchased They continue to be the three main priorities in terms of attention to citizens, ”said Juan Camilo Durán, Superintendent of Industry and Commerce (e).