Since the Gustavo Petro government came to power, much has been said about the continuity of some social programs that were born in the country during 2020, the hardest time of the covid-19 pandemic.

One of those aids that has received the most attention has been Solidarity Income whose future is already defined: it will not continue in 2023.

The director of the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS), Cielo Rusinque, had already spoken about it.

“The subsidy had been given in the framework of the pandemic to mitigate effects. There were limited resources that they did not use and the previous government left it available until December 31, 2022. That is the only transfer that ends,” Rusinque said.

Thus, the Familias en Acción and Jóvenes en Acción programs would continue.

The official will ensure that they are preparing a public policy that «will correspond to the principle or orientation of the new Government, in which we are betting on a non-assistance system, but to guarantee a transfer system aimed at impacting the most vulnerable population. Aothers, with a comprehensive institutional offer that will allow them to overcome that state of poverty or extreme poverty”.

President Petro himself had also assured it: “The Solidarity Income ends this December 31. We are going to transform it into what is left of the year in such a way that a mother head of a single family, mother of boys and girls, can receive 500 thousand pesos per month”.

Precisely, Petro explained, at the end of October, that Solidarity Income has transfers for 500,000 pesos in its latest installments, but that they would not be for all those who are receiving it. «Some will lose in it and I have to apologize but the money is not enough for everything,» he said at the time.

The Solidarity Income aid benefited almost 2 million households in extreme poverty and the Government arranged $400,000 million to guarantee the extraordinary transfer of December.

In the case of this subsidy, 340,000 households were included, in addition to the 1.2 million families that were already beneficiaries.

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