The conjunction or alignment of planets occurs when several planets are placed in one approximately straight line in the sky. This happens due to the orbits of the planets around the sun and the perspective from Earth. Because the planets have different orbital periods and inclined orbits, planetary alignments are relatively rare events and don’t usually last very long.

Planetary alignments can be visible from Earth, and are often considered interesting events for skygazers. However, planetary alignments do not have significant effects on Earth or on humans. Although historically they have been associated with astrological eventsastrology is not supported by science and there is no evidence that planetary alignment has any kind of influence on our daily lives.

have lined up Venus and Jupiter, the two planets brightest in the solar system. In this amazing astronomical spectacle, both planets will be highly visible from Earth and will appear to be very close to each other, almost touching. Above all, from last February 28 to today, March 2.

However the call ‘kiss’ between Venus and Jupiter, that accompanies the sunset and is visible to the naked eye, can also be enjoyed a few days from today, which is when the two planets have been located at the minimum distance.

But if we observe it through a telescope, we can appreciate that it is only an optical effect. Although it may seem that Venus and Jupiter are almost touching each other, the reality is that they are separated by approximately about 800 million kilometers away.

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In order to enjoy this event we must look at the sky during the previous minutes at dawn today. For example, today at 5.15 Spanish peninsular time, a couple of hours before sunrise, Venus has met Jupiter in the constellation Pisces at a distance of 29′ 24″.

Although the conjunction will be perceptible to the naked eye and whenever the weather allows it, the use of telescopes or binoculars is recommended to visualize it more clearly. Choosing a suitable place clear and no light pollution It will be a key element when it comes to enjoying this phenomenon.