The selection of the researcher Sara García Alonso (León, 1989) to be a substitute astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) has unleashed the euphoria and joy of hundreds of thousands of users on social networks, who have ended up creating the trending hashtag ‘congratulations sarah‘ on the occasion of this historic feat.

Faced with so many expressions of recognition Y pride On the part of the tweeters, the same protagonist has dedicated a few words in front of so much affection and admits to being «truly overwhelmed«, and it is that the virality of this fact it has not stopped increasing in the last hours.

A very positive stream of comments has been generated on Twitter this Friday, and it is that the difficulty to be selected as an astronaut at ESA is such that it has brought out the emotion of many, and there are already some who declare themselves unconditional to the two Spanish researchers selected «We will follow your progress closely with much admiration and pride«.

Many are the messages that must be reaching the researcher, wishing her luck, encouragement and above all repeating various expressions such as «references«and»inspiration«, and it is that it is not for less.

García Alonso, an expert in breast cancer, stood out in the Salamanca Cancer Research Centerwhere he agreed with a brilliant academic curriculum: he obtained a grade of 9.71 in your specialization. An overwhelming personality and it is that at the age of 14 he already said in an interview with Leon’s Diary that his goal was to eradicate cancer.

On the other hand, many have also remembered the aeronautical engineer, Pablo Alvarez Fernandez (León, 1988), who was selected as one of the new astronauts and has thus become in the third in the history of Spain despues de Michael Lopez-Alegria (POT) Pedro Duke (THAT).

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The Last Astronaut Selection Opening data in the year 2009 and currently its staff is seven members (Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom).

Finally, note that in the presentation press conference, Joseph Aschbacherthe general manager of the THATHe said that the election process was «very difficult, with very good candidates» and noted that astronauts are made of a different material because they love to be «under pressure«.