For some people, digital payments generate a bit of mistrust, Well, on the Internet there are some virtual thieves and hackers who can clone your financial information to take your money. That is why platforms that offer security are necessary when buying and selling products online.

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with that idea was born ePayco, a Colombian startup, which saw the need of users when it comes to doing digital procedures. According to its main page, it was created in 2011 for “Provide a complete set of transactional tools in real time, secure and scalable with the largest number of means of payment such as credit cards, PSE and cash”.

“Designed for entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporations, we make the most difficult task for startups, which is negotiating with banks, making them focus on growing their business”; adds.

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How does it work?

This provides the option of sell and collect products online to people and businesses that are making their way in the world of electronic commerce, taking into account that transactions can be reviewed in real time. This is under the supervision of a PCI Data Security (PCI DSS) security system that protects sensitive consumer information.

In this you can perform Linked payment buttons on your company’s website so that money goes directly to your ePayco homepage. However, for using this type of service, a percentage of the transactions is charged at the time of receiving the money, being the 900 pesos plus 2.68% of the payment in accounts in Daviplata o Davivienda and 2.99% if the user has their account linked with other banks.

The money can be withdrawn in the traditional way at banks registered with ePayco. Remember that the billing discount is already reflected in your account at the time of completing the purchase verification process.

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ePayco Collection

This is a variant for large companies that want to record their payments and invoices on a platform that allows them to track their income and expenses.

The configuration of multiple projects gives way to an organization in the data and the management of the information, according to the branches, headquarters or cities with which your business has ”, expresses ePayco on its website.

«This allows you to work independently on each project, understanding the need to regulate, manage, and plan collections, according to the behavior of each headquarters, branch, or city,» he adds.

The collection of these transaction fees must be regulated by a steel platform that will provide a price depending on the resources generated by your SMEs, because if they are large amounts of money, a fixed price must be assessed that adapts to the needs of your business. electronic commerce; however, there is a membership fee of 490 thousand pesos plus VAT.

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The high price of the dollar currently has concerns in several areas of the Colombian economy and one of them is electronic commerce or eCommerce.


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