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Netflix offers a wide selection of Indian animated movies and series, including a couple of great Netflix Originals, which come in a variety of languages.

The beauty of the Netflix algorithm is that it can present us with titles from all over the world that we wouldn’t otherwise know about. The same is true when our children start browsing Netflix’s cartoon collection.

Many have subtitles for the avid little readers in your home. Here are some of the biggest Indian animated franchises on Netflix that are worth watching.

Here’s a deep dive of the current list of animated kids’ titles originating from India on Netflix US (other regions may vary).

Deepa and Anoop (2022) N

Format: Series
Seasons: 2 | Episodes: 18
Execution time: 24 minutes
Audio languages: English (original) plus 28 others
Subtitle: 34 languages

Kids and adults alike will find something to enjoy in Netflix’s new Indian original cartoon, Deepa and Anoop, about a girl and her elephant best friend. The series debuted in August 2022, and Netflix released a second season in early November. It’s a super cute show about a girl who is becoming more independent, but runs into some setbacks when she tries to help her family run her hotel, Mango Manor. The songs are catchy and the voice actors are very good. Netflix went above and beyond to make this show accessible, with 28 dubbed language options in addition to the original English audio track.

Chhota Bheem (2008-2021)

Format: Series and films
Seasons: 5 | Episodes: 88
Movies available: twenty
Languages: Hindi (original) and English; some movies are dubbed in tamil and telugu

Chhota Bheemlittle bheem“) creator Rajiv Chilaka turned to Indian mythology for inspiration when he wanted to start his own animation franchise. The boy hero of he Bheem is based on Bhima from the ancient epic. mahabharata, who was known for his strength. Little Bheem gets his superpowers by eating sweet laddus, and serves as a protector and problem solver for the fictional rural medieval village of Dholakpur. Netflix owns the streaming rights to four seasons of the main series Chhota Bheem series, plus a derived series called Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka. The 2021 movie Chhota Bheem ki Citi Pitti Gul Premiere on Netflix December 1st.

Mighty little Bheem (2020-2022) N

Format: Series & Special
Seasons: 6 | Episodes: 7
Execution time: 6 minutes
Languages: no dialogue

The first of Netflix’s original Indian animated properties is a spin-off of Chhota Bheemwith the strongest boy in the world when he was a little boy. Mighty little Bheem It consists of a main series with three seasons, three limited series of three episodes each, and the 20-minute special. I love the Taj Mahal. Mighty little Bheem it has no dialogue: Bheem makes baby noises and the adults just make wordless exclamations, which can take some getting used to. The episodes come with English and Hindi audio descriptions and subtitles.

motu patlu (2013-2019)

Format: Films
Movies available: 14
Languages: Hindi (original), Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tami, and Telugu; English subtitles

motu patlu originated as a comic strip about a pair of friends who closely resemble the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy. Chubby Motu gets into trouble, especially when there are samosas, and the lanky Patlu tries in vain to stop him. the motu patlu The movies have a variety of backgrounds, from robots to dinosaurs to sea creatures to kung fu, so choosing which movie to start with is just a matter of what your kids are most interested in.

Taarak Mehta Kka Chhota Chashma (2021)

Format: Series
Seasons: 2 | Episodes: 80
Languages: Hindi (original), Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tami, and Telugu; English subtitles

Taarak Mehta Kka Chhota ChashmaTaarak Mehta’s small glasses“) is an animated spin-off of the long-running sitcom Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma (which itself is based on a weekly magazine column by comedian Taarak Mehta). Both series take place in a Mumbai apartment complex populated by a wide variety of citizens experiencing a variety of mundane problems (such as being subjected to dangerous dance moves in the clip below). When something goes wrong, a little boy named Tapu and his friends jump into action to help.

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