He Miura 1, the rocket and designed by the Elche company PLD Space, this one step away from reaching your destination, he space, something that already awaits in your launch base at the El Arenosillo facilities of the Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), in Moguer (Huelva).

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, to know That only Spanish rocket created for space transport and a pioneer in Europe that will place Spain between the small number of countries scam ability to launch small satellites into space, essential for key sectors such as telecommunications, defense and scientific research; and the launch campaign.

Sánchez has indicated that projects like this show that it has been achieved «That the complexed Spain of ‘that they invent’ is now just a bad memory from the past.» «If not too long ago the idea of ​​a powerful aviation industry in Spain and competitive it was a chimera, today nobody can deny that it is already a reality», he has defended.

And this because it is a sector that will end a total economic impact that I exceed the 13,000 million euros in the year 2020; with a power capable of translating into 155,000 direct and indirect jobs and with an investment in R+D+i that already reaches 1,500 million euros.

Sánchez has indicated the strategic character of the sector that leads to treating it as «a real state policy», with initiatives such as PERTE Aeroespacial, which will mobilize 4,500 million euros until 2025 or the start-up of the Spanish Space Agency, which will have its headquarters in Seville.

This entity is «essential to provide continuity to scientific and industrial projects, have a high representation also in the International organizations if we want our voice to be taken into account and, obviously, to develop a true national policyl in space matters linked to the private sector», the president pointed out.

The importance of R+D+i

He has referred to another factor that he understands to be fundamental, the change in cuts for investment in R+D+i, point at which he stressed that Spain is «the second country in the entire European Union that dedicates more resources to the fund recovery plans Next Generation thereto».

Sánchez has congratulated Espacio PLD for «his great work» in the design and manufacture of Miura 1; a company with Spanish capital, fruit of the passion of engineers from Alicante trained in our public education» and has advocated «public-private collaboration for many of the challenges that lie ahead and that require us to join forces and visionary projects that make us proud as a country».

«Yours is a dream shared by all Spanish society because we are motivated by a common goal, and that is to put Spain at the forefront Vanguard of this emerging but also powerful space transport industry», he concluded.

For his part, Ezekiel Sanchez, CEO of PDL Space, has stated that the company was born «with the dream of its two founders, Raúl Torres and Raúl Verdú, to be able to contribute the vision of a microlauncher to the space race from the private sector».

For this, for 11 years the company has financed a program that today has allowed them to place the first flight unit on the launch pad: «The road to get here has been very difficult, with many difficulties that we continue to face.»

He pointed out that the activity carried out has allowed captures «60 million investment opening private-public collaboration itineraries in the different stages that as pioneers we are developing at a regional, national and European level».

«Technology Leadership»

With the Miura 1 and its launch Bases, has pointed out, Spain «shows its technological leadership in Europe providing a capacity that can allow us to lead the strategic segment of small satellites; this must be a priority national objective».

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Regarding the launch campaign, the last stage of the miura program, has indicated that it includes flight element qualification test and ground equipment tests in coordination with INTA as the competent authority.

«Our planes go through consolidating a solid space company in Spain with a ambitious program that solves the problems of the Land from space,» he concluded.