After a day of shopping, it is common for a feeling of guilt to invade one when pulling the credit card. A consumption, sometimes impractical, that seems only to fatten the phenomenon of materialism and slim down the current account. But there is a way that shopping and solidarity become compatible. is the digital portal affordablethrough which you can access our usual stores and with a simple click allocate a percentage of the cost of the product to charitable fines.

«Simply by entering and buying something, at the same price that you would get if you did it outside our portal, you are already doing something for the benefit of others,» explains Marcos de Pedro Gur, founding partner.

more than 300 establishments are grouped together in this ‘online’ shopping centre, which also serves as a participation channel to promote social causes. Travel agencies, hotels, shows, cinema and fashion are part of the offer of this portal that covers any consumer need.

The consumer can choose the organization and social project to which he wishes to allocate the money. What You can choose from among the 25 NGOs that participate in this initiative, dedicated to health projects, nutrition, environment and nature. Action Against Hunger and Association The entire process has the guarantee certificate of the Fundación Lealtad, an organization that ensures the transparency of solidarity projects and causes.

In addition, Internet users registered in the shopping center have the possibility of leading and proposing new social causes and initiatives to make visible some of the problems of society.