Colombian singers Shakira and Karol G. They have published this Friday the song titled «TQG» («You were big»), in whose lyrics their followers see new allusions to their ex-partners, the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Puerto Rican rapper anuel aa, respectively.

«You, going out to look for food; and me, thinking that it was the monotony,» he says
Shakira in the song.

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He also assures: «Seeing you with the new one hurt me, but I’m set ‘for’ my thing / I forgot what we lived through, that’s what offended you», a letter that on social networks is understood as a direct allusion to Piqué, who has become the source of inspiration for his latest songs after the sentimental breakup.

The theme has become a trend and has already achieved 1.5 million views in the first two hours of publication.

It is the first collaboration that the two artists carry out on the occasion of the release of Karol G’s new album, «Mañana ser bonito», the fourth album since his recording career began in 2017, with «Unstoppable».


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harsh criticism

In the program ‘Sávlame’ is Spain They have analyzed everything that the new song has given to talk about and criticize the Barranquillera.

«This is the first out of spite. The first subject that is given in that career is to get him to the other…», he said Kiko Matamorosbut one of her classmates replied: «Did you study that career?»

Matamoros continued charging against Shakira: «It’s that she’s obsessed. I think she’s absolutely making it up, we’re seeing a guy who hasn’t gone to war despite all the provocations he’s done actively and passively,» he said.

but he replied: «He already got into his kitchen with the other one. They cheat on you and you have to keep quiet? It’s just that I don’t feel like it.»

Shakira and Piqué just started their relationship

They cheat on you and you have to attack the girlfriend?» Matamoros asked his co-workers.

«If my ex is playing two bands and it’s a lie, Shakira is a revenge that I don’t share. But I know many men who play two bands and three,» argued another of the presenters.

Finally, Matamoros went with everything: «Piqué is a man who has remade his life, he is with his partner, he is with his children. And this is a burst that is foaming at the mouth all day, ”he sentenced.
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