The reforms of the Colombian Government, the political crisis in Peru, citizen insecurity and even the separation of the singer Shakira and the footballer Gerard Piqué sneaked into the Festival of Litanies of the Carnival of Barranquilla, after the lyrics of the new song by the Colombian were known and karol g

«Shakira and Piqué’s love became pure suspicion, they look like old cabaret women, pulling each other by the hair,» declaims the lead voice of the group El cartel de los sapos, referring to the separation of the couple, so that the choir responds «Piqué his tear, he needs the waka waka».

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Addressing the rise in muggings in the city, this group declaimed this stanza: «Even decency is over in Barranquilla my city, because crime came and stole our peace of mind» with the chorus: «We say it frankly, we can’t with the bar».

new song

For many days it has been expected that the so-called song of the Barranquillera with Karol G will come to light.

However, as is traditional, part of the lyrics of ‘TQG‘, as the work of the two stars is titled.

It is key to know her, since Piqué is expected to be, once again, the center of the ‘indirect-direct’, as has been normal in the last works of the Colombian.

The American television program ‘Today’, from Telemundoto improve having access to the lyrics of the song and they got Piqué to be the protagonist.

The urban singer does not close the doors to ask for another collaboration.


Instagram: @Shakira / @Karolg

‘TQG’ is the name and it was given that way because Karol G appeared supporting Shakira with a shirt that said: «It was too big for you», although that has not been confirmed by either of them, but it is speculated.

The program exclusively known fragments of the subject and have messages for their ex-partners, anuel and Gerard Pique.

The harmed

«You going out to look for food and me thinking it was monotony,» Shakira sings.

And Karol G replies: «At least with me, I will find you pretty.»

The important thing is to wait for all the lyrics of the song to be revealed, which should come out on February 2, when Piqué and Shakira had their birthdays, but Karol G’s commitments with other jobs prevented it.
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