The Colombians Sergio Higuita (Bora) and Daniel Martinez (Ineos) have a good chance to fight for the title or the podium of the Return to the Algarve in Portugal.

Higuita and Martínez are 17 and 23 s, respectively, behind the leader, thomas pidcockwho prevailed on Saturday in the day between Albufeira and Alto do Malhãoof 177 km.

The country’s representative riders made a good ascent, but Pidcock was the strongest in the explosive arrival.
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A favor

The competition ends this Sunday with a 24-kilometre individual time trial, highly demanding and in which Martínez could take an important leap.

He has a strong man ahead of him, João Almeida, who is third, just six seconds behind the leader and who is doing well on the clock.

Martínez had a puncture in the time trial of the past cycling nationals, in which he was defending the title, and did not finish on the podium.

the corridor of cundinamarca He could have the option of removing the nail today in Portugal, just like Higuita, who also defends himself in these stages, but no more than his compatriot.

Pidcock is not an expert on the clock, so it is ruled out that he can keep that privileged place, since he has Almeida and Martínez, who are breathing down his neck, and are serious threats.


1. Thomas Pidcock 4 h 28 min 39 sec
2. Joao Almeida at 1 second
3. Ilan van Wilder 4 seconds away
4. Sergio Higuita mt
5. Jai Hyndley at age 11
6. Daniel Martinez mt

1. Thomas Pidcock 19 h 30 min 13 sec
2. Ilan van Wilder 10 seconds away
3. Joao Almeida at 6 seconds
4. Sergio Higuita at 17 years old
5. Jai Hindley at 21
6. Rui Costa in 23 seconds
7. Daniel Martinez mt