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One of the programs we are asked about is mind hunter and if he will ever return for a season 3 on Netflix. The cast and crew have been quite vocal about his return at some point, while Netflix hasn’t officially commented on the matter. David Fincher, the man behind the show, has repeatedly reiterated and hinted that the show is unlikely to return. Here’s the lowdown on what we know about mind hunter season 3 based on all available information in the wild as of 2023.

In case you didn’t know, mind hunter is one of the best shows on Netflix and follows two FBI agents who open a new unit within the Bureau to study some of history’s most notorious assassins. For a full rundown of the events of Season 2, check out our guide here.

mind hunter Season 3 was on indefinite hold until 2023

Five seasons of the show were initially set at the show’s inception. Still, due to the big-budget nature of the show and viewership apparently not hitting the right marks, the show was put on «indefinite hiatus» with the cast released from their contracts. allowing them to follow other works.

This news came back January 2020 with Netflix telling Vulture:

“David is focused on directing his first Netflix movie man and about the production of the second season of Love, Death and Robots. he can revisit mind hunter again in the future, but in the meantime he felt it wasn’t fair to the actors to prevent them from looking for other work while he explored his own new work.»

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Mindhunter – Picture: Netflix

In late 2020, Fincher reiterated that the show was on hold. once again to Vulturesaying:

“Listen, for the audience that it had, it was a very expensive show. We talked about ‘Finish Mank and then see how you feel,’ but honestly, I don’t think we can do it for less than I did in Season 2. And on some level, you have to be realistic: dollars have to equal eyeballs.»

There have been hints that the show could make a comeback recently, with some sites that say scripts Work has been done and the show is still «on the cards,» but that’s mostly rumor for now.

In 2023, Fincher spoke with the French outlet Le Journal du Dimanche was asked directly if there will be a sequel to mind hunterto which he replied (translated into English via Google Translate):

“I am very proud of the first two seasons. But it’s a particularly expensive show, and in the eyes of Netflix, we haven’t attracted a large enough audience to justify such an investment. I don’t blame them, they took a risk to launch the series, they gave me the means to do what I dreamed of. man [his black and white film on Hollywood in the 1930s] and allowed me to venture down new paths with The murderer. It is a great opportunity to be able to work with people capable of daring. The day our desires are no longer the same, we will have to be honest to part ways.»

Interestingly, the French Netflix Twitter account found it reasonable to make a multi-media intervention to cut this response down by including the full quote.

It is not clear why they found this necessary, we can think of two reasons. One, the series may return in some form eventually, or two (and the more likely case) they wanted to include the bits where Fincher praised Netflix instead of just talking about the cold reality of the series’ issues.

What the cast has said about season 3 of mind hunter

The cast has been particularly vocal about the show’s return eventually. Let’s dive into what they’ve said:

Jonathan Groff Mindhunter Netflix

Jonathan Groff in Mindhunter

Around the time of the matrix 4 release in late 2021, Jonathan Groff (who played Agent Smith in the sequel) spoke to thr and referred to the future of mind hunter.

He referred to the decision to put the program on hold as similar to the one Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause made regarding 1997-1998, thus giving the team some time to rebuild before leaving. again.

Groff later added: “The minute he says he wants to do another one, I’ll be there in a second. But I trust his vision and his instincts, so he always left it in his hands, like always.»

Holt McCallany in Mindhunter

Holt McCallany in Mindhunter – Picture: Netflix

Holt McCallany has been pretty vocal about the show’s future far too often, tweeting out any article that covers the show’s potential future.

McCallany appeared on the KFC Radio podcast in May 2021 saying that he would say «Yes right away» if the opportunity presented itself again, but ultimately said it’s up to David Fincher.

In particular, he said something similar in a interview with golden derby in the summer of 2020, where he said he is «optimistic that there could be another season», adding: «I think it’s not too late for us to come back, so I hope we haven’t seen the last of Bill.» Tench and Holden Ford…fingers crossed.»

Holt’s most recent Tweet on the subject came in late April 2022 with a simple shrug to a fan who asked him about the future of the show.

it would mind hunter Will it be season 3 on Netflix?

One of the directors of the series recently. delivered to collider and briefly described what season 3 of mind hunter initially it was planned to be.

Andrew Dominik, who directed season 2 of the show, claims that season 3 had higher ambitions than the previous two seasons and would be taken to Hollywood.

“What they were going to do with season 3 was they were going to go [to] Hollywood. So one of them was going to hang out with Jonathan Demme and the other was going to hang out with Michael Mann. And it would all be about shaping him by making him the kind of zeitgeist, the public conscience. It would have been… That was the season that everyone was really looking forward to doing, when they came out of the basement and started.»

What is David Fincher working on next for Netflix?

Netflix notably signed an exclusive four-year TV and movie deal announced in late 2020, so there’s plenty more to come.

In late 2021 and early 2022, Fincher was shooting his first major feature film for Netflix in the form of the comic book adaptation of The murdererbound for Netflix in November 2023.

filming ends on the murderer

The killer – Image: Instagram

Beyond The murdererWe don’t really know what’s next in Fincher’s file. One of the previously announced projects on Netflix was a 1974 Chinatown TV movie prequel, with Robert Towne producing the script.

Until then, you can also find other David Fincher movies on Netflix US, which we’ve listed here, including the Oscar-winning man, love, death and robots (returning for Volume 3 in May 2022), the documentary series See where he served as executive producer and house of cards where he also served as executive producer.

So, in conclusion, it still seems mind hunter Netflix’s future remains unclear.

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