The schumann resonancebetter known as the «heartbeat of the earth», has noticed its vibrations in recent days. It is said that this could cause unusual dreams, physical discomfort, changes in perception of time and even an assumption spiritual awakening.

This phenomenon that happens on earth Ha hectic social media since it was made public their vibrations were rising. Now there are many who wonder what is true and what is not in all the theories that circulate on the internet.

What is the Schumann resonance?

It’s about a electromagnetic noise that occurs in the atmosphere and that propagates in the cavity between the earth’s surface and the lower limit of the ionosphere. Its main cause is electric storms.

So that it is understood: every day they came to they came up to 2,000 thunderstorms on Earth at the same time, which generates some 50 rays per second. Each one of them generates electromagnetic waves that begin to circulate around the planet. Are They are trapped between the Earth’s surface and the beginning of the ionosphere. (a layer of the atmosphere that extends between 80 and 500 km of altitude) where they originate large concentrations of free electrons.

The ionosphere It acts as a waveguide. Some of those waves – if they are the right length – combine increasing his strength and generating that ‘earthbeat’ called Schumann resonance.

a viral phenomenon

In the last days, its existence has gone viral. This is because the resonance reported an increase in its vibrations, but it is not known exactly how much. do normal range is around the 7 Hz, and it is estimated that it could have pushed at 12 Hz. Currently, the cause of the increase cannot be known of vibrations, but some hypotheses are: changes in the weather conditions, geomagnetic activity, disturbances in the ionosphere and variations in solar activity.

Not known to affect human health

The science given that It has no effects on human health. «The frequencies of this resonance are not ionizing, do not have enough energy to break or modify the structure of molecules and atoms«, comments PhD in Physical Sciences, mar gomezin a Tweet where he explains the phenomenon of the ‘beat of the earth’.

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what if what the researchers say the thing is It is related to biological rhythms. and the nervous system of animal-like life forms.

One of the applications of the phenomenon -according to the doctor- is that measure the schumann resonance of other planets can you help us identify if they have storms.